Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You gotta see this!!!!!!

I am a closet TOM JONES fan. Loved his show when I was a wee lad

Click on the link and see some wacky manic Tom Dance moves!!!!


Gotta love it! Maybe Will Ferrell can spoof this! :-)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blades of Glory!

Ok.....I am exictied about this movie coming out. Yeah I know that Will Ferrel movies are not everyones cup of tea, but he always makes me laugh. What can I say, I like over the top humor ( Steve Martin, Jim Carrey) and movies that spoof topics that are ripe to be skewered!
This latest movie will be taking on Ice Skating. As a guy that appreciates the skill involved with a quality skater, I am also a guy that watches because he likes to see a good fall!!! In the past, Ferrel has messed with TV ( Anchorman) and Nascar ( sorry Jeff, Talladega Nights was hilarious!) and even Santa ( Elf!). I cant wait to see the results!
In other news, the sun has finally peeked out in Minnesota. We hit a balmy 60+ degrees today! You will never see a happier guy in the world than yours truly sweeping his dirty garage out on a bright sunny day!
Yeah, Minnesota will drive you insane like that! :-)
Till the next post!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Still out there!

Sorry for the break in writing. Just havent had the bug to write anything of late. Well, errrr thats not entirely true....plenty to write about....just lack of motivation.

The weekend is just about here....I plan on sitting down and crafting a "proper" blog entry.

Like I know what that is! :-)

For your enjoyment....here is a pic from Dog agilty! ( not reggie...but a stunning re-creation!)

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Last night can really be summed up by the word "Overated". Even the snow storm that was supposed to put my life into peril was overated. Now onto the review.

Icarus band/Wolfmother-

Lets start with the opening act. The Icarus Band was impressive for about 2 minutes. Very visual and barely musical, the lead singer had all the Steven Tyler moves and the lead guitarist had Keeef Richards down to a tee. Sadly, they had none of the music or personality of both of these rock legends. After the 2nd song....there were moments where I was actually laughing at some of the stuff I was watching on stage. And I know this was not supposed to be a comedy act.

After 35 minutes of the above act....it was time for the headliner Wolfmother. Although much better than the opening act, they suffer from similar problems. This band has raw talent and knows how to play to its core crowd ( male 18-to 30 somethings), it does not have a catalog of songs that can effectively change gears and show depth. I truly was getting bored by about the 4Th song. They really all sounded the same. The energy was there in excess, but the connection was not. This band needs to show it can play a song that isn't the same structure over and over and over. Maybe after a second CD and some seasoning....more depth will surface.

The night wasn't a total washout....I got to see the lead singer from wolfmother dodge a wayward cell phone bearing down at his head and see it smash into about 40 pieces!. Also, watch the meathead 18 year olds throwing elbows and drawing blood down in the first rows....( I avoided this section for some reason).

2 stars out of 5