Monday, February 27, 2006

New Purchase....

The CD to the right is my latest addition to my small little collection of music!

Derek Trucks is a young guitarist that is currently playing with the Allman Brothers Band. His uncle Butch is a founding member of that band and one of its 2 drummer attack. This is Dereks 3rd solo release...21 years old and talent to burn.

If you love gritty slide guitar...the kind that makes the paint peel off your smooth Wes Montgomery type jazz cording....or love world music. Check this young man out. This release is more along the line of a jazz CD. But not the kind of jazz that you listen to and think "I better say this thing is cool because it makes me sound sophisticated" kind of jazz. This hybrid of jazz and blues/rock is very easy to swallow!

I found it for $4.95! Another hidden treasure dug up by your music guru!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bowling Update

Behold the game face pic.....had the youngsters psyched out!!!!!

Then the 192 score!!!!! :-)

We had a great time!!!! I did give the lads some pointers!!! Wasnt in total destruction mode!

Geeez 2 posts in a day!

Ok.....I have rebounded.

Whats with all the pics and the arty black and white stuff????

Anywaaaay....tomorrow I am planning on taking Reggie ( the somewhat less hairy dog) to his first agility competition.

Its a pretty low key thing ( at least that is what they say!) but should be fun for him! He just gets nutty excited to be able to run around the course.....I get a kick out of it too! It truly is a team "sport"....and fun to bond with the 4 legged beast! :-)

I am being reminded that its time to leave for the birthday party....results of the bowling will follow!!! :-) Yeah maybe some black and white photos also!


Today is Stevens big day! (Monday is the actual day...but...its a paaaaartaaay day!)

Ahhh to be 11 and in love with the rock group KISS! Hey....I only had a little to do with getting him into a group that was around at least 25 years before he was born!!! :-)

The look on his face when he picked up his cake with the KISS image on it was all worth it! How cool is it to have your favorite rock group on a cake!!! Geez....when I was a kid....blah blah old guy grumble about to occur!

Its off to the bowling alley to celebrate. 6 of Stevens good buddies will be there! Cherols job is to organize...mine???? To keep the lads entertained and to destroy them with scary high scores!!!! I will keep the fist pumping and finger pointing under control!! :-)


Monday, February 20, 2006

New material.....

Yes, yes.....

The blog has been neglected. I haven't really had the urge to write much. I have really been focusing on my health....and true to my form.....have substituted one interest for another.

I have lost almost 14 lbs and have been working out 5-6 times a week. My eating has gone back to the old healthy way.....havent been to McDonald's for over a month. When I go to a fast food place...I have been eating salads and other "healthy" things. I let myself eat the things I like....but in much smaller portions.

January was a very rough month on me. I was very depressed through much of it. I found that getting back into the gym and taking care of myself and doing positive things made my outlook much more optimistic. Some of the things that depressed me still exist...they still have the power to bring me down. But.....having a outlet that releases the anger,anxiety, and stress is something that I truly look forward to every day.

I purchased a cheap MP3 player and loaded it with music that I knew would move me.....and it works well with me. Nothing like a great blasting version of "wont get fooled again" with the cathartic scream at the end to make you feel like you are throwing a metaphorical rock off of your back.

I go to bed every night feeling good that I am not sneaking down to the fridge for something to eat before I rest my head. I even look forward to getting on the scale and seeing results.

Here is to a new beginning!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sly Stone

Those of you that hung in there for the Grammys saw a real live trainwreck.

Sylvester Stewart aka Sly Stone. Legendary leader of one of my fave funk n roll groups, Sly and the Family Stone. Made his first public appearance in close to 20 years. Joss Stone...Maroon five ( geez is there NOT a tribute these people do not play) and others butchered a medley of songs...before a decent Steven Tyler/Joe Perry performance led to the announcement of Sly to sing "Wanna take you higher" you can see...decided a mohawk and a gnarly looking cast on his hand would be a good look for the evening. As he walked mouth was in agape mode. Where did his neck disappear to ???? He has the old man above the equator pants and belt cookin. Its so sad to see your idols age....and this badly.

I still held out hope that maybe he could perform. Well it was not meant to be. He lasted about 3 verses of him mumbling "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnna take yaaaaaa higher" and he left the stage. The assembled cast was forced to finish without him.

Reportedly. He left the building and nobody knows where he went. Will it be the last we see of Mr. Stewart? Lets hope it was just a bad bad night.


Tonight I watched the opening ceremonies for the 20th winter olympics in Torino Italy.

It was the usual mix of dancing trees and skaters with flames roaring from thier helmets. Very colorful and interesting. Its very cool to see all of the different cultures come together...even if it is for a sporting event.

I dont think I will glued to the action like I used to be as a wee lad. Way back before cable....( Mikes rocking chair squeeks) there wasnt much else to watch.....SO YOU WATCHED IT ALL!!!

In other news.....HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all out there! Hope the day of love is something special!

Working out love is still strong.....encouraged by the early results!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Simple Joy

Spent today with my wife and son. We did the usual things on a Saturday. Lots of running around and looking for stuff that is needed. Some of it is fun and some of it is just plain tedius at times!

My wife is a smart woman. She knew we were in a area of town that we dont get to often. She also knew that there is a very small little record shop that I LOVE to duck into . I know that this place isnt her cup of tea. But she understands.....she sees the look in my eye as I thumb through rare old albums and imported bootleg DVDs of concerts!!!!! It was a very nice gesture.... a simple joy!

By the way....I resisted purchasing two WHO DVD's and a ALICE COOPER DVD. Man, I have grown up.....uh sorta! :-)