Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What Time IS IT?

One of my favorites is back. With a new name ( The Original 7ven) that I HATE.  Reminds me of something you would order at Perkins.  Not that it matters, We all know its THE TIME!  The new CD, CONDENSATE is killer.  Much better than I thought it could be.  Anyway, I am off to see  Morris, Jesse, Jimmy Jam, Terry, Jellybean and Monte on Saturday night!  Cant wait! I got robbed of seeing them on the last reunion (They broke up 2 days before my show).  I am not gonna miss them this time!

I will write more about this....now check out the clip and put some chili sauce on it!http://www.theoriginal7ven.com/

What Time Is It? Original 7ven Members Talk Reunion: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com