Saturday, April 25, 2009 asked for it.

Well errrr, maybe you didnt...but here it is...bloated Gene hawking chemical flavored cherry soda!

Ace Commercial

I actually laugh at the P&L statement part! Arent you people happy that you visit this treasure trove of weird! :-)

These guys will sell anything!

As you have seen by his Ace Frehley getup. My son likes KISS. I have no doubt that you have seen the new Gene Simmons Dr. Pepper Cherry cola commercial. KISS is the king of selling its name on anything or everything. Of course I Neeeeeever Eveeeeeerrrr give my son a hard time about that ;-)

Here is another shameless shill attempt by our heroes!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A guitar and its player.

I love the song Little Wing by Hendrix, lyricly and musically it just climbs the scale for me emotionally. Passages of quiet beauty that blend into moments of pure aggression. Love the range of feelings it provides.

This is Stevie Ray Vaughans version. Even without the delivers. SRV loved can feel it in this performance. It captures the feel of the original and yet always lets you know its SRV and not a tribute act.

The video is a nice look at some of the past greats and some that are still around. See how many you can spot.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dad loved this.

Dad loved this version of the song, "I'll Remember You". At the 1:40 mark of the song, Elvis looks back with this satisfied smile that looks like " See I can still do it". It always made Dad laugh and of course he watched it at least 7 billion times! :-) The man loved what he loved!

So here is another chance to watch it....for the old man! :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Music for my Dad

I take comfort in music. This is for Dad.

Bruce Young 7/4/1937- 4/15/2009

This morning I received the news that my Dad passed away. I hesitate to write such personal news on a blog, but I know there are people in my life that read my usual junk here and do care about this.

My Dad and I had a great and yet hard earned relationship. For most of my life, we have been separated by many miles or by choices that he made. Those choices and those miles played a large part in how I grew up emotionally. My Mother gets all the credit for being my parent, because she was my parent. But, even though my Dad did very little parenting with me, he was my Dad. We spent hours and hours talking about music, movies and most importantly, the anger and hurt over the choices he made with drinking and other relationships. It was through these talks that we developed a bond that I know he held very special in his heart. He died with the knowlege that we didnt have a unspoken word left between us. That I loved him, forgave him, and carry his spirit inside me.

I was able to see him about 2 weeks ago. I knew he was ready to go. They had a very nice ceremony celebrating his life. Many nice things were said about him. He touched many lives through his career as a educator, and as a sponsor in AA. Those were things he was proud of. He accepted the praise in a way he always did, with grace. He knew he wasnt a angel, but he was a man that tried to do his best. That is what I take from him and try to live. One of the last things we laughed about in my final days with him was a comment he heard that he thought was a little over the top, I mentioned it to him after his celebration and he winked at me and said " I know they meant well, but you and your brother are my greatest joy and I will be with you forever". Its easy to feel emotions that can take away from all of the good, but at this moment, I feel peace. Peace for him, and peace for me.

I love you Dad. I am glad you felt it from me for my 44 years as your son.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Elvis- Before the Bloat and Jumpsuit era

I love this vintage of Elvis. When my Dad and I would talk about Elvis, we would always give the sneer to each other and say " If your lookin for came to the right place!" :-)

Monday, April 06, 2009


Love this clip. Norm Mcdonalds "Turd Ferguson" and Darrel Hammonds Sean Connery are hilarious!