Sunday, March 23, 2008


Even though I have been assured of forgiveness from the 2 people that I meant to hurt the least. Jeff and Lori. I want to apologize for my insensitivity. The comment about "hallmark and gooey" was written out of frustration at MY OWN INABILITY to write with the depth that I once did.

If you look back at my blog. At one time I wrote about things besides music. I still do, as recent as 3 weeks ago. I know I have gone through another long winter where as it marches on and on I get more depressed. It makes me start feeling less and less. The only thing that gets me feeling is music. So I write about it.

I know I have been forgiven by the ones that matter. I will now forgive myself.

Sorry once again. From a former goomaster.

Happy Easter

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A nightly ritual

Every night around 9pm. My son makes popcorn for himself, our dog always sits right by him waiting patiently for a stray kernel to drop. It never happens. But he keeps waiting! Now how gooey is that !

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Digital Music Stresserella

Yeah, gas prices are going through the roof. People are losing jobs, the war keeps going on and on, and Mike just keeps plugging along with trusty posts about Music. Yes, I can converse about these topics and many other "heavy" issues without embarrassing myself, but this blog is about fun and Me! I refuse to write stuff that is gooey artificial greeting card material, and also skin crawling personal stuff. It runs rampant on blogs and gets boring to me quick.
UPDATE: Uncle Mike was a little crabby. I love you people that write unlike me. No harm no foul.....I hope ;-)

So, sit back and enjoy more music blather!

After years of collecting music on Cd's, the writing is on the wall. The shiny disc is dying a slow painful death and being replaced by digital downloads. Virtually every age group owns a device that plays MP3's and knows how to use em! With a collection that borders on the obscene, I have struggled with the idea of migrating my collection to a device ( I would need at least the 160GB, 40,000 song ipod pictured above) that would eliminate the need to lug the dozen or so Cd's that I bring to work each day. I do own a small player that I use for working out, but the idea of loading so much stuff on a hardive that could fail..sort of freaks me out. But also intrigues me. I love technology, but I also like the feeling of having something tangible in my hands like a disc. Looking at the artwork...lyrics...etc.... I know its old school, but its one of the things that I enjoy with my music experience.

So, my question to all. What do you most commonly use to listen to your music. Cd's? MP3/Ipod? Etc.... I am curious about your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Last Lesson: Back to my own learning

No. This isnt my guitar teacher, but they go to the same barber. :-)

The last night of class was much like last week. Mike leads the band. This week I instructed the class on how to do alternative bass picking ( no that isnt illegal in Minnesota) . The teacher asked me to play some of the stuff that I have been practicing...and I just was fooling around with fingerpicking and stumbled onto different ways of fooling around with the bass strings. Nothing too profound, but enough for him to turn the class over to me. ( EGO inflation pt 78)

I think for now I will keep the "mike teaches guitar his way" dvd off the market for a while. I will keep instructing myself until I feel I have hit a wall and then find a real teacher at that time.

Still enjoyed the class, just reaffirmed that I am on the right path with my learning.

Rock on Dudes! :-)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


This is not my picture. But this morning, as I drove through the park reserve I travel every day, I saw 15 deer! They were all in single file walking through brush and heading for a frozen river down the hill. I pulled my car off to the side of the road and watched them. They were totally unaware of me. It was a great way to start the day. Natural beauty.

Nothing against hunters...but I could never shoot a deer. Mr. softy! :-)