Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aint No Sunshine.

Before I learned the Original Bill Withers version of this great song. I learned the Michael Jackson verson.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Still Bill

I just finished watching a great documentry about Bill Withers.  Now 72  and without a new piece of music since 1985, is a wonderful examination of what truly makes a man "a success".

For those of you that dont seem to remember Mr. Withers. Check out classics like "Aint No Sunshine" "Use Me" "Lean On Me".  This just scratches the surface. As with any artist worth its salt, its the buried gems that really reel you in as a fan.  Bill has many of these. Do yourself a favor and do some mining!

Back to the documentry. Bill was born in a coal mining camp, a kid with a bad stutter and labeled a failure by his peers. He spent years working on airplanes installing toilets on 747's  and in the military. In fact, by the time he had his first hit he was in his 30's.  This was a man that stumbled onto his fame, but never was intoxicated by it. He remained "Bill".  He also walked away from that fame to continue his life as a man. To be there for his family and also give back to others.  This is not just a movie about past glories, its about aging and perspective on life. I spent equal parts singing and crying while watching.  If you feel like getting to know one of the "real" people in this world you would love to spend a hour or two just listening to his story. This is a movie for you

Still Bill  (2009)

2 "Bucket List" Concerts

The never ending winter tour keeps rolling on for yours truly. The snow that fell around early November is still hanging around in late March. Ick! So, what could possibly grab me by the collar and awake me from this funky zombie like existence?


I have tickets for 2 shows that are on the list for "I have to see this act before I tip out of the canoe". Yes, both of these acts are old enough to be my Dad, but, they still can deliver the goods.

Jeff Beck- April 17th.

Bob Seger- May 12th

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Darkness Reforms.

Let the cheese flow! this. "New" Music to come this year.