Thursday, November 29, 2007

Early Favorite

I went over to Guitar Center today and talked to a very nice guy that thought this would be "killer" for a dude like me! :-) I let him show me what it could do and I was impressed. At the quality and the sound and price! Could be a keeper. Its a Laguna Electric guitar w/ a LINE 6 amp ( loved the amp...lets you play with all sorts of effects and also with a nice clean sound.) gig bag, strap,pics, tuner etc ....for about $350.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have been thinking!

Yes, this comes as a shock to many. But I have been thinking! Actually wondering. Wondering if it would be possible for a 40 something man to learn to play a instrument. One he has always wanted to play, and yet never took a step towards just doing it.

Being such a music minded person ( have you noticed, frustrated readers?) I have always loved to sing and dont have a horrible voice. But, its always bugged me that I havent ever learned to play music. There was a comical period in my life where I tried to play trumpet. I faked it for a couple of years,but never really learned anything other than how to look stlylish while clearing out my spit valve! :-) Ask my Mom or Dad about this nightmare! :-)

My main interest has always been to learn to play a guitar. I think it would be great to be able to accompany myself while I warbled out a song. I have got to the "doorstep" a couple of times and found something else to pursue. I have the itch again....and its strong. Watching my son learn piano and drums has got me wandering around guitar shops and asking questions! Do I play a accoustic or electric? Being a lefty...should I buy a left handed guitar ( they are much more expensive!) or learn to play righty ( like I have done with many things!).

Now my question for you readers is-----

1. ever played a instrument?

2. ever wished you played a instrument?

3. any advice about my choice of guitar and how much should I spend?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Toyota Disses my hometown!

FRESNO, California: Toyota Motor Corporation pulled an ad that likened this inland California city to an outdated pit stop after Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote the car company to complain.
The commercial depicted people driving the fuel-efficient Prius in an imagined future in which "gas stations will become nothing more than low-budget tourist stops. Like ghost towns ... or Fresno."

That slap got no mileage with Mayor Alan Autry, who asked Feinstein to intervene.
Unlike other, more famous, California cities, Fresno has grappled with a reputation of being a dangerous and boring city in the middle of the state's agricultural sector.
On Friday, Toyota officials recalled the spot produced for auto dealers in the Southeast U.S., and edited out any mention of the word Fresno.

Justice prevails!!!! :-)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The night after.

Here is a review that I posted over @

Even though I leaked the word that this was gonna happen. I was still floored by
the performance of "Houses of the holy". Audley had the Jimmy Page tone down
perfect and really added alot to the set. I loved "the rain song", the boys did
it proud and it made the hair on my arms stand up. "The Crunge" was impossibly
funky! and yes they did find "The confounded bridge!"So many highlights from
this set. You could tell that they had a great time playing this. Lots of smiles
from the band. The stage had signs on it with little logos of each members sign
( ala the zep zozo logos etc.) I hope they post some pics soon over at net,
cause it was cool.

The opening set was great also. Lots of dark tunes....and
played fierce!I enjoyed Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. They were dressed up
for the occasion. Grace had a nice 'Liger" leotard on...that was very flattering
;-) her drummer dressed like a lion tamer..w/ stuffed animals all over the kit.
Bass player was the "f@#$%^& toothfairy" and the lead guitarist was a "pimp
daddy". They had a nice mix of blues and rock that made the muleys around me dig

I dressed as a rasta mon. Met some very cool fellow muleys, and get this.
watched the entire second set with Grace P and her band right next to me. They
were lovin the Mule as much as the rest of us. A magical night. Get the Mule
Tracks of this one ASAP! A classic!

Pic of Grace is from the show a couple nights before.

Govt Mule- A Great Night

So much to write about...but it will have to wait.

Here is a setlist from what I saw tonight. Still stunned.

10.31.07 O'Shaughnessy Theatre - St. Paul, MN

Set 1:
Play With Fire
Time To Confess
Million Miles From Yesterday
Rocking Horse
Birth of The Mule
Larger Than Life
Fallen Down>Other One Jam
Blind Man In The Dark w/ Zeppelin Medely Tease Jam

The Holy Haunted House
Setw/ Audley Freed on Guitar
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song
Over The Hills and Far Away
The Crunge
Dancing Days>Drums
D'Yer Mak'er
No Quarter
The Ocean
Encore:Come On Into My Kitchen> w/ Audley Freed on Guitar
32/20 Blues w/ Come On Into My Kitchen Jam w/ Audley Freed on Guitar

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals opened. ( she watched the 2nd set of the show standing right next to me. Guess that rasta outfit is magical!) :-)

More later.