Thursday, June 10, 2010

My New Fit.

Well the white taffy from 07 has gone to heaven. I am ready to rock the nation with a 10 Blue Sensation!

Got a great deal on trading in my "old" fit and getting into a "new" fit. Payments stay the same...but starting over on the payments. I am happy with it. Loving the new car smell and digging the cool blue color.

The white fit was due for new tires, was having a AC prob and also had that little nasty accident a year or so ago. Feel good to have a nice new fit sitting in the garage. I have assured it that there will be no trailer hitches to smash up its grill ala the taffy.

More news to come. We are off to the tint shop next week to darken the windows and give it a nasty economy car mojo look!