Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Beginning of a new era

As you can see, I have my new Samsung television in place in my home theatre! The bottom pic is of my Sony that is now freshly mounted in our bedroom.

I decided to make the switch with the Samsung from its original intended location ( the bedroom) to the home theatre because it is a High Definition Television. I have been slowly building my home theatre for years and years. I absolutely love being able to sit down after a day at work and watch a movie or a game and make the house rattle! :-) HDTV is just the next step in moving with technology. Its kinda scary how lifelike the images are in HI-DEF, you can see every little blemish or imperfection.Plus it transmits in digital sound ( 5.1 on some stations!!) In 2 years all television stations will be forced to send all of thier signals out in digital instead of analog. So, its coming people.....even if you really don't want it! Fortunately, even if you have a "old" analog tv...the cost for a converter box will be cheap, and the signal is free! This made my decision to buy a HDTV a easy one. Rather than paying even more to the cable company($10 a month extra) to provide me HDTV programming...I found a indoor antenna after some research(TERK HDTVI $39.00) that I just sat on top of my home entertainment center and pointed at the local towers, and bingo!!! I have 10 channels of HDTV( just missing 1 channel that the cable would have provided me). Yep, Mike will be watching the Superbowl in style and saving $$$$$!

Hope that didn't bore ya too much....but I am like this. When I get into something....I get into it big and learn as much about it as much as possible. So if any of you have questions.....I am full babble fire away! :-)

My old TV ..see the post below.....met a ugly end. The Circuit city dudes that came to deliver ( hey they had free delivery!!! I am usually not a wimp!) the new one and take away the old one....dropped the old one on my front step and it broke in about 5 pieces right in front of me. Kinda bummed me out to see 24 years of care get smashed in front of me. Well, bummed out until I plugged in the new one. :-)

The Sony that I mounted in the bedroom is a great TV. I actually like the picture on that one better that the Samsung, when playing regular cable. I will probably have to get Digital cable for the sammy.......but that will have to wait.... When came to mounting the SONY....I had to buy a new bracket that could support a 107 lb TV. Not a easy task...most are rated for 90. Good ol Menard's had one for 130 lbs....and cheaply priced....$45. So I mounted that bracket...and in a fit of "incredible hulk" like strength...hulked the tv up on the bracket myself!!!

I hope this wasn't too boring! I know I am excited by it....but when I talk about it...I see the glaze on peoples eyes start to form quickly!!!!!! I know....I do the same thing when I hear about Oprah! :-) Little joke there!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The end of a era.

The era I speak of is the good old non cable ready tube television.

Today I purchased a new televison to replace the one you see above. I have to admit, I feel a little sad about having to replace it. Its like seeing a old friend go away.

Now why would Mike get all misty eyed over a Tv???? (no tears...but it makes for entertaining writing) Well, I have had this TV since 1983. It was my first major electronics purchase and I remember how proud I was when I first plugged it in! Yeah I remember dopey stuff like that, and I also remember thinking I was so cool to have my own TV.

I bought it at Sound of Music on 12/13/83 ( sound of music was the original name of Best Buy....trivia for ya kiddies!!!) for $449.00. A Sony Trinitron 17' model.

24 years later....its lost its crisp picture and has a long crack in the cabinet. I have had to use my VCR as a tuner for years and years to get cable ( remember this was a non cable ready model) and its taken a backseat to several other TV's over the years.....but its always been my favorite.

Friday it will be taken away....but it will always be in my heart.....

Thanks for the memories ! :-)

( Ps....I bought a new samsung for about the exact same price as the old tv....tons of features and about half the weight.....I can only hope that I get 1/3 of the life I got out of the relic!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24/American Idol

So, tonight is the first night of American Idol. While I am not a fan of the robots that show churns out season after season. I LOVE to watch the first week or two. The bad singers ( ala william hung and the classic 'She Baaaaaaaaaaaang' renditon) are the best part of this show. My wife thinks its mean that I take such glee in a persons failure, but I tend to beleive that most of these people come into this sort of thing with eyes open. Anyway, its probably the best comedy show of the year.....check it out!!!!

Tonights show focuses on the Minnesota Auditions that were here in town last Sept. ( yeah, I know I will be hooked after week two and ride this show out to the end.) So, how many of you out there watch this show??? How many of you watch paula abdul and think...."how in the world can this woman judge what a good singer would be?" and "how many adult beverages has she consumed before wobbling on camera??" I think Simon is the only one that actually knows what talent is, Randy on the other hand........too many "DAWG YOU NAILED IT" and " It was aaaaaaaaigh....but a little pitchy in the middle" to have me believe that he even cares.

24 is back on the air. I love this show. Great writing and it never bores me. Jack Bauer can get out of any situation!!! How many of you out there watch it????

Sunday, January 14, 2007

lyrics removed

well, after a few days....I decided to remove the lyrics. They seemed a bit "DOWNBEAT", and they bummed out my Mom. :-)

Time to pull out my Lawrence Welks greatest jams mix cd. :-)

annnn a onea and a tooooowa.......

Monday, January 08, 2007

Video games

Before I get too far into this, I have a side of me that is immature. I have come to grips with it, embraced it and accepted it. Dont you all feel better???? Good, now read on. :-)

This year I received $$$ for Christmas. I usually ask for $$ to buy one big item gift. This year I purchased a XBOX 360 video game system. As a old school gamer from waaaaaaay back into the Pong days ( remember that huge console and the wires hooking up to your parents TV ???) being facinated by the pa- plink sounds and blips??? Then becoming a instant friend of any kid that happened to have a Intellevision gaming system??? Maaaaan have things changed.

Let me track the systems I have owned. ( bless you for putting up with this topic!)
1.pong-great basic fun
2. Commadore 64- My first PC (uh sorta)...blew my eggshell mind :-)
3. Sega Genesis- Loved this system...very fun and affordabe
4. Playstation- liked it...wasnt as great as Sega
5. Xbox- was first in line for it...didnt sleep in a sleepy town...was lucky!!
6. Xbox 360- read below

What I really love about the 360 is that they ( Microsoft) have finally made a system that takes the best part of PC gaming ( online downloadable content) and gaming consoles ( great graphics and dependable performance) and put it into one box. As stated above, I have owned the xbox for years and (gasp!) really had got to the point where it was starting to gather dust. This new system has reignited my enjoyment of playing games again. I bought a VGA cable that enables me to hook this up to my computer monitor ( High def graphics!!!) and my speakers with subwolfer!! I have actually played some NBA 2k7, online with other xbox360 users and its a blast to be playing with someone other than the computer. ( I dont know if I am being beat by a15 year old....but I dont need this info!) :-) There is a option where you can plug in a headset and talk to the person that you are playing......sorry, I still am not that geeky!!!

The controllers are wireless.....its great to not have to worry about the dog or whatever tripping over wires and getting the wrath of kahn from me! Steven and I have enjoyed the system quite alot....I dont let Steven use the online gaming....its a bit rough out there....and he doesnt need that ! Do I???? OF COURSE! :-)

2007....the return of Mike the gamer???? maaaaaaaaybe :-)

Monday, January 01, 2007

pics of snow!

We received about 3 inches of snow right before we headed out to church on New Years Eve. Very nice! I took some pics today....enjoy!