Wednesday, October 31, 2007

RIP Bob Goulet

A little comedy from Will Ferrel. Love this.

A little Bob trivia. Elvis once shot out his TV watching Mr. Goulet . Bob knew how to wrech out the emotions!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This year I am wearing a costume for the first time in years. Yes, for the halloween show with Gov't Mule. I am donning the Rasta Man look ( ironic for mr. drug free!).

My son is pleased with his creation of a character called "Black and White". Its his favorite time of the year!

Sorry for the blurry photos.....but it captures the moment!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Dog and Leaves

Last night we had our first kinda cold night. The leaves are falling off the trees fast and the colors are very bright. Reggie and I went out to investigate and I took some pics!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


My fave band will be doing a special show. Playing Zeps Houses of the Holy in its entirety.

Cant wait.

Friday, October 19, 2007

due to popular demand- REALLY!

Here are a couple more CR Black crowes pics from the other night.
Going to see Drive By Truckers tonight @ First Ave. Sorry, no pics!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Most of you know what a dog lover I am. I find comfort in dogs that I dont always find in humans. Its the unconditional love thannng and giving that love back to some one that is always there. You get me in front of a book or a movie screen that has a story about a dog and I can guarantee you that I will be blubbering. So it can be said that I have a big soft spot for dogs.

That being said. It brings me to the latest meltdown of a celeb. Ellen. I heard audio clips of this all day today. I really felt sorry for her and could tell that she does care for animals. However, I also felt sorry for how out of touch she is. The impression I got after listening to debate and also watching this clip was one of privelege. She thinks she can bend rules, rules that are there for a reason because she is a celeb. ( a minor one in my book...never have liked her and her crappy dancing thing, but that is for another type of blog!). She has numerous cats around her home and has had several dogs that she has brought into this situation. If a dog doesnt adapt to her cats....its gone. In this case, the dog was a puppy and was given away in a two month period. Hardly a reasonable amount of time to train a dog. I have heard that this has happened on 9 different occasions...where she "saves" a dog and then just gives him away. There is a reason why these adoption agencies make you sign documents stating that they will take control of the dog if it is given to another home. To prevent things like this.

The reason for my ire is. I just finished a book called "Marley and Me". Its all about a dog that is nothing but trouble and destruction and yet makes a powerfull imapact on a family. The reason for the impact is....they never gave up on this dog.
Ellens heart is in the right place, but she does more harm then good when she does things like this. A dog or a cat isnt like a pair of shoes that you can change at a whim. Its a commitment that takes a lot of thought, patience, and understanding.

Her national blubbering just made me cringe. A staged "breakdown" for her own benefit. I hope if anything it brings awareness about the huge problem we have with overbreeding of dogs and cats by people that just want to experience the gift of backyard breeding. So many dogs and cats never find a home....and some do with nut jobs that think having 90 cats and 50 dogs are a humane place for a animal to live. Its very sad.

Black Crowes 10/16 State theatre

Enjoyed the show! Keeping it simple. Setlist and pics! I have some non music stuff to write about. Stay tuned.

Don't Do It

Sting Me

Twice As Hard

Jam -> Black Moon Creeping

Seeing Things

My Morning Song

Sometimes Salvation

Ballad In Urgency ->Wiser Time

Soul Singing ->Thorn In My Pride


encore -Boomer's Story

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nature, a camera ,and a empty park

We have a very nice park down the road from our house. Its a old park, that at one time was very popular. It has a lake that doesnt have much fish in it ( I have tried and cant find them!) a swimming beach that doesnt get used because the water is not always "chlorine clean" and large picnic areas that sit empty.

People have moved on to newer and more exciting places. I am guilty of it also.

But this morning I decided to stop by and take some pictures of the stunning fall leaves we have. I was the only one there as I snapped away at the natural beauty that surrounded me. Photography is so easy when you have such a easy subject.

Friday, October 05, 2007

A lost love

Its October. Halloween, changes of season, colored leaves and highschool football games. But what I used to think the most about October was baseball, playoffs and the fall classic- The World Series.

As a young lad, I would huddle in front of the TV on Saturday afternoons to catch a glimpse of my heroes. Back then there wasn't 24 hour sports channels and the Internet to bombard you with info. The newspaper, radio, the nightly news, and that one prime time game were the pulse you would have to take to get your info. I knew every player and could give you a scouting report on all of them. I LOVED BASEBALL! I played ball with my friends in the street and also played organized ball. I loved the fact that this was a team sport and yet it was a individual sport. I loved when I would walk up to the plate and look that pitcher in the eye and play the mental chess game that hitting is. Would he throw me a curve? Would he throw me the fastball that I hit the last time I faced him? It was exciting for me and I couldn't get enough of it. My room was full of pictures and I would play Strat-o-matic for hours ( a baseball board game). It was a source of entertainment for me for many years. Even when I had to switch allegiances and become a Twins fan ( when I moved from calif to minn) I was fortunate enough to see tons of games in the plastic dump ( the HHH metrodome...not a good baseball park!) and root my Twins on to World Series victories in 87 and 91. These were great times. I loved my baseball...I was still playing baseball ( no slow pitch softball for me!) into my 30s and still knew all of the professional players and could give you info ad nausim. Then it happened. The game changed and I did too.

One of the main things that changed was the fact that baseballs sacred history changed. The fact that Roger Maris record of 61 homeruns is now almost eclipsed yearly is saddening to me. The fact that it is known that most of these athletes that passed these records were on performance enhancing drugs at the time has tarnished what was the one thing Baseball had going for it. HISTORY. We all know about Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aarons record for homeruns a couple of months ago. I hate to admit that I sat there with no emotion as I saw him circle the bases. It seemed so empty to see this "machine" break the most hallowed of all baseball records. It just seems like the heart has been torn out of the game because of this tainting . Another thing is that today its hard to really latch onto a team and really become attached to it. Free agency has turned baseball rosters into a revolving door of players. Back in the day, you had players that spent 15 -20 years in the same uniform. Most players today play for a average of 4-5 teams in a long career. It just makes it different.

I still watch baseball. I still know most of the players. But its not the same. I feel more detached about it. I don't feel the passion for it like I used to. But every once in a while I see something that makes me miss it like I used to. Like a couple weeks ago, I saw a young mother and her son playing catch in the yard below me. I sat there and smiled. It was so simple and powerful. The game is still those things in its most simple form, but its hard to look past the other junk that tarnishes it. Maybe its what getting older brings and you see those kinds of things.

Baseball, thanks for all that you gave me over the years. I am still out there, a little more cynical...but still believe in ya!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

To Blog or Not To Blog

That is my question.

I need your help out there. Does this blog still seem interesting to you? Is it too slanted with my own musical stuff that I love? Would you rather I write more about day to day stuff?

Please let me know what kinds of things you like about this blog...and some things you would like to see.

I know its a blog that is created by me and for me. But.....I would like to make it more fun for the 3 people out there that read it.


Or else!

(or else, I will write more about govt mule!)

Leave a comment please.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Hot off the Gov't Mule presses.

10.31: THE HOLY HAUNTED HOUSEIn the spirit of the holiday, this year's Halloween show at the O'Shaughnessy Theatre in St. Paul, MN will be entitled GOV'T MULE'S HOLY HAUNTED HOUSE. The band will be joined by longtime friend and collaborator Audley Freed for this very special night of music.Tickets are available now through Ticketmaster.

Hmmmmm should be a great night!