Saturday, May 31, 2008

What The Hail!!!!!!

not my hands or anyone I know....but its in our area...
Its June ( almost!). Today we received hail the size of small planets. Once warming? Me thinks its a scam! :-)

In other weather related news. We just had our roof replaced about a week ago. The insurance company deemed it wind damage. With the insurance coverage and Uncle George Bush's mad $$$$... we were able to get it for "free". It was great timing. The estimate was 8k to replace it. Always nice to avoid a cost like that in these times of $4 gas etc.

Sorry for the spotty writing around here at "From Redlands To Maplewood". I havent forgot about you out there. Just havent taken the time to tickle to plastic things on the keyboard to fill you folks in on it.

( Hey Maggie....Working on that Dan Fogelberg song for ya!)

Till again