Monday, March 27, 2006

You have to check out this blog!!!

I have found free music Nirvana.....This blog is great for free Mp3's of great music!

Uh....yeah....they have some great Black Crowes stuff .....but yes there is more!!! Check out the cover band FOAMFOOT! :-)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Week In Review

With such a serious would think my week was pretty deeeern important!

Work was its typical grind.....I REALLY need to find something else to do for a living. I am a man of many talents and skills. Unfortunatly....focus and career direction has been a problem. Please drop a prayer or 2 in for me to get better in that area.

On a much more uplifting note. This week in music was a big gold star for me. I am getting a bit concerned about how deep I am getting into the Black Crowes. This band just keeps amazing me and holding my interest. I mean....with the tons of music I have around...I usually mix things up very regularly. Maybe its been the sorta up and down emotional thing I have been going through...but the crowes deliver on all of the will just be happy I have em!! :-)

Back to the gold star stuff. Black Crowes DVD came out this week. The Black Crowes "Freak and roll into the fog". First DVD for these guys and it captures the energy very well. Great sound and shot in Hi-Def. Yes you get to see the Chris Robinson "chicken dance"! ahhh what entertainment!

Picked up a great CD. Govt Mule. Debut-

I have other 'Mule' cds. This one simply blows you away. If you love gritty vocals...and 10 minute songs filled with grab your throat guitar solos. Get it! NOW! Warren Haynes is a great talent that deserves to be heard! Turn it up....clear your head!

Received a very nice email from my good friend Jeff . Its always such a good feeling to hear from him. It makes me miss my hometown. I need to go back there in the near future and see some of the people that I grew up with.

The pic I am including is a shot of Jeff and I when I was very young and tan!

Thanks to the people that read this thing......I do appreciate it!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Cd Review : Donald Fagen- Morph The Cat

For those that are not interested in wordy reviews of is the Readers Digest version. If you love Steely Dan music, BUY THIS CD! If you don't love Steely Dan need to sit down with good ol' Mike and we should talk!

Thanks for continuing on to the 2nd paragraph. Its only March...but this CD is at the top of my top 10 list for 2006. Impeccably produced, smartly written, and a sweet mixture of funk/jazz and smooth rock. Sure, this music is very polished sounding and not "edgy". But like Mr. Fagens group Steely Dan, the mix is addicting.

This is Donald Fagens 3rd solo effort. The first in 12 years. Fans of Steely Dan have always been hooked by the strange and obscure lyrics in some of the "dans" songs. This CD is a little more intimate in its nature. Not autobiographical, but a little less demanding to decipher the intent of the lyric.

Standout tracks:

What I do- A song based on a conversation with Ray Charles. The groove is funky, slow and addicting. This song will stick in your head and in a good way!

The Night Belongs to Mona: Interesting song about post 9/11 fear. Mona comes alive in her apartment when the city goes to sleep. She drops her defenses when there is no threat of human interaction. Once again... the mix of music and lyric is one that sticks in your head.

The entire CD is filled with strong moments. Do yourself a favor and give this a listen. Then put it on again and enjoy it one more time! Repeat as needed! :-)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring is not here.....yet!

This time last week.....I was talking about birds and think green...

Well.....its still green for a while.

10 inches of snow daily workout was replaced by snow shoveling..still a good workout!!!!

Still hear the birds though....unfortunatly....they are not singing! Probably yelling at one another for flying into this frozen state waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Scary Pictures of Chris Links!

Ok....I love the Black Crowes (duh...Mike has been on a rant about em since oct.) but frontman snap a scary photo from time to time!

Exhibit #1- The glam bowie...meets raccoon eye makeup thing.....errrr not makin it!

Exhibit#2- My fave...Stoner triangle!!!! Check out the concentration as he launches into yet another 15 minute "angle" solo ( really this band isn't prone to this....TRUST ME!)

Exhibit #3- This shot is from the late 90's By your side era. One of my favorite 'Crowes' Cd's...released when I was going through a rough time.....the cd spoke to me! ( I just got ill re-reading that spoke to me stuff!) didn't sell very well, and one of the reasons why was the decision to dress the band like they were in a HERVE VILLECHEZ -TATTOO FROM FANTASY ISLAND TRIBUTE BAND!!!!!!!!

I have added some links to the right-
All music is a great reference for any type of music.....hence the name ( duh pt2)
The black crowes.....great picture and triangle reference :-)
You on videos....type in any band or musical artist....and you have some great underground videos.......there is a great Prince/Michael Jackson/James Brown jam in there....just type in Michael Jackson....should get you there. Anything else you find in there....I take no responsibility!!!! I aint your Daddy! :-)


I heard a few the other morning while taking the furry 4 legged one out. Funny how just the sound of them made my day a little better. Spring is around the corner!

Think green!

Monday, March 06, 2006


I dont usually cry over sports figures. Today I cry.

One of my sports idols has passed away. Kirby Puckett. At the young age of 45.

I had the privilige of watching many of his games in person. I never ever felt cheated of my money when I was able to watch him. He played the game the way I loved to watch it played. Hard, fearless and with passion. At 5'8 and the shape of a bowling ball...he captured the hearts of everyone that watched him. Hardcore fan or Grandmother that was attending her first game.

For those who dont know his career...he was forced to retire after glaucoma in his right eye blinded him at the age of 34. He was inducted into the hall of fame in 2001.The street that runs past that wretched Metrodome is named after him.

Life after baseball was not a easy adjustment for Puck. His image became a little tarnished ...and his health was worrisome to many that saw him.

Yesterday he suffered a massive stroke. One day later he is gone. My words are hard to come by at this moment.

Thanks for sharing your love of the game with this guy that grew up with you. I hope you knew how much you were loved by all.