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KISS Set List In Minneapolis

November 7th, 2009



3.Let Me Go Rock & Roll

4.Hotter Than Hell

5.Shock Me

6.Calling Dr. Love

7.Modern Day Delilah

8.Cold Gin


10.100,000 Years

11.I Love it Loud

12.Black Diamond

13.Rock And Roll All Nite

14.Shout It Out Loud

15.Lick It Up

16.Love Gun

17.Detroit Rock City"

KISS 11/7/09

What can you not say about KISS that hasnt already been said about them in the almost 40 years they have playing. Not much. Whatever you feel about them as a music group, you have to admit, they do know how to put on a show. Last night they did not disappoint.

Look at the face of my son as he watches the group do their thing

It was the usual mix of great 3 chord classics and tons of explosions and crowd participation. It's like going to Ringling Bros, without the scary clowns ( oops, Gene Simmons blood spitting fills that role). Paul Stanley is the ring leader, and keeps the sellout crowd ( 13k plus) engaged. It was a blast and it will be a great memory for me. To share the laughs and spectacle that is a KISS show is priceless.

Yes, I am aware of the people that freak out because 2 original members of the group no longer play and have been replaced. ( Peter Criss replaced by Eric Singer and Ace Frehley replaced by Tommy Thayer). The beef is that they kept wearing and using the same persona as the originals. I am a HUGE ACE fan and it didnt bother me in the least. The band sounded tight and the energy level was high. Of course our local "music" critic didnt get it and slammed the band for all sorts of things non musical. But critics have never mattered much to fans. I mean, check out what a fool I made of myself just to have some fun.

Its all about fun when it comes to KISS. Refreshing in fact. They make fun of them because of all the KISS Crap they sell ( KISS KASKETS..etc) But, I for one have to thank them for a fun night of Rock and Roll with my boy and his goofy dad!

Oh and here is a little shot of Paul Flying over us at the beginning of "Love Gun". Looks like fun ! hahaha!

Here is a link to the local "critic" that had his say

and my response.

Guilty Pleasure. Yes.
"Yes, its like going to the circus. But, still a hell of a lot of fun. Anyone looking for a deep meaning of life experience, is not heading … read more to a KISS show. The great thing about this show was the look on my 14 year old son. He LOVED IT! Saw a rock show with musicans ( yes they are not hendrix or moon) that know how to play to a crowd. Its all about showmanship with KISS. They have been getting crappy reviews like yours for their entire career. It doesnt matter to the fans. They love it. The band wont care either. Guilty pleasure yes. Bad show or a feeling of being ripped off?? Not at all".

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Why Full Length CD's Are Valid.

Recently it was reported that U2 was very unhappy that their latest release ( No Line on the horizon) had only topped the 1 million mark in sales and it was the lowest performing piece of recorded work in its history. It prompted this comment from bassist Adam Clayton "The commercial challenges have to be confronted. The concept of the music fan - the concept of the person that buys music and listens to music for the pleasure of music itself- is an outdated idea".

While its true that todays ipod generation is used to buying music by the song, and the concept of a full length CD actually being solid enough to listen from beginning to end ( like us old dudes like to do) is pretty rare today. I am thrilled to report that the CD is in fact alive.

Gov't Mule
By A Thread
I know, "Yeah Mike loves Gov't Mule". While this is true, I feel I have to spread the news about this latest offering from my favorite band, because I feel its its best offering. Yes, perhaps even more so than its early work with Allen Woody. Its a collection of songs that reflect mature lyrical content and the ability to change gears and genres without losing what makes this band so good. The ability to reference the greats and yet be original and exciting. Its hard rope to walk on, but this band keeps doing it.
This is the 1st effort with new bassist Jorgen Carlsson ( who replaced Andy Hess, who appears on 2 tracks). Carlsson is a welcome addition to this band. He is loud in the mix and aggressive. Hess, while a good bassist in his own right, just didn't have much fire in him. This new bassist recalls Woody, and yet is very distinctive . I have had the pleasure to see Jorgen with the band, live 3 times. I instantly could feel the energy from this band rise up. I wondered if this would translate into a studio. I am stunned at how well it did.
Here is a track by track breakdown:
1. Broke Down On The Brazos- The track starts off with low guttural bass rumble and the Texas twang of Warren Haynes guitar. Just when you start thinking " Man this sounds like old good funky greasy ZZ Top" You hear the sound out of your right speaker of none other than lead guitar monster Billy Gibbons from ZZ dueling Warren for six delicious minutes. Nasty Nasty stuff.
2. Steppin Lightly- The gears change nicely into a funky stew that I can only imagine what this song will morph into when played live. Yes, danceable G-mule and its irresistible. Once again its Carlssons bass work that propels this song into a place that the previous post Woody lineup would have had a hard time pulling off this well.
3. Railroad Boy- This is a song that has been around since the 1800's. Covered by all sorts of artists. This is Gov't Mules take on it, and frankly, it sent chills down my spine. The lyric itself is chilling, but the stops and starts on this just adds to the drama. One of the highlights of this CD.
4. Monday Mourning Meltdown- A very moody piece that had elements of Pink Floyd in it and a middle section that wanders a bit into jazz. I love the risks that the band takes and how it pays off .
5. Gordon James- A song that starts off like a church hymn and develops into a nice midtempo ballad. Lyrically smart and about as commercial as this band gets. I say that in a good way. There will be no mashups or Kanye dropins.
6. Any Open Window- From the first notes of this track, you can hear Jimi dripping all over it. Its not just how much of the spirit of Jimi that is captured by Warrens guitar and vocal phrasing, its how galloping the rhythm section is. Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding are channeled by Matt Abts and Jorgen Carlsson. Love it.
7. Frozen Fear- Not my favorite on this CD, but still a very solid Gov't Mule song. Sure it will grow on me with repeated plays. A Grower!
8. Forevermore- I have heard this song in concert on on solo Warren acoustic recordings. This version trumps the other arrangements. The middle solo and backing hammond B3 give it the darkness it deserves. Its a great song to expose the non converted fans to.
9. Inside Outside Woman Blues #3- If "Any Open Window" gave you a taste for Jimi. This will give you a buffet of Jimi, and Cream. 9 minutes of non boring nasty freak flag flying blues!
10. Scenes From A Troubled Mind- Warren Haynes writes some of the most dark lyrics I can recall, and yet as all good blues music provides. Its that mixture of pleasure and pain in the music and lyric that deliver the release that this song builds too. Another song that I can imagine morphing into something bigger live. I love the last 3rd of the song that really recalls Zep in a subtle way.
11. World Wake Up- A message song. Biting lyrically and a song that all of us can relate to on some level.
In summary. I love this CD. When you love music and you get something great like this, you just wish you could personally thank the artists that provide the goodness that is great music. But I would violate my restraining order if I pestered artists like that ( hahaha)

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Late night listening

Do you ever sit in the middle of the night and listen to music? When I feel down or have too much on my mind, I love to sit in the dark and let the music take me away. Here are 10 random nocturnal choices.

Al Green- Is Love. Songs about love and faith, the confusion of both. It's a soothing listen that I go back to time and time.

George Benson-Breezin: Lush and soothing. Perfect tonic for a rough day.

Jeff Buckley- Grace: Even though his songs and voice are full of angst, I find it great late night listening. Personal favorite "Last Goodbye".

Marvin Gaye- Vulnerable. I could pick any number of Marvin CD's. But this is a CD that is full of late night gems. Check it out.

Miles Davis- A Kind Of Blue: Maybe a cliché choice. But it's made for this kind of list.

Sam Cooke: Night beat. Title speaks for itself. Music that sounds like it would be played in a smoky bar in the early 60's.

Stevie Wonder: Music of My Mind. The track "Superwoman" is a favorite. Just a piece of music that gets me every time.

David Gray: White Ladder. Wistful songs of love. Low key, but not totally sleep inducing.

The Derek Trucks Band: Soul Serenade. CD full of moody instrumentals that require quiet listening.

Warren Haynes: 9-03-07 Aspen Co. LOVE this CD. Acoustic versions of everything from Costello's Allison to Black Sabbaths War Pigs, he also mixes in some great alt versions of Gov't Mule material.

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Metallica Setlist/Review

That Was Just Your Life
The End Of The Line
Ride The Lightning
Holier Than Thou
Broken, Beat And Scarred
Sad But True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
All Nightmare Long
The Day That Never Comes
Master Of Puppets
Fight Fire With Fire
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
- - - - - - - -
Die, Die My Darling
Seek and Destroy

This was like a meal where the appetizers were so horrid you were ready to go to another resturant. Thankfully the promise of the main course kept you there.

The 2 opening bands ( Godija and Lamb of God) were just plain noise. Not a word was understood and the "music" sounded about as good as me trying to tune my guitar with my amp. Just plain anger and noise. While I love an angry tune as much as the next dude, this stuff was just plain crap. If I heard the lead singer from Lamb Of God scream " Give me some noise you MotherF#$#ers" one more time, I was gonna go down there and unplug each and every one of these dufus's.

Thankfully, Metallica knows how to put on a concert. Believe it or not, I could really feel the appreciation from the band as the crowd roared all night for them. Yes, even snotty Lars seemed happy to be playing for the packed house. Even though Metallica's catalog is filled with songs of alienation and anger. I walked away feeling that they are in touch with their audience and what this music provides to them. Its like they feel responsible for it. I found it refreshing to see a veteran band at grips with that. Especailly a band like Metallica, that has made many missteps when its come to its core audience. I enjoyed this show very much. Even though I am not a hard core Metallica fan.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

A taste of Metallica

Here are some short clips of what I am to expect Tuesday night.

Kenny Wayne Sheppard W/Corey Stevens- Review

Sorry for the delay on this, but it ended up being a evening that left me feeling a little cold.

Its hard to explain when you watch 2-3 hours of music and it just never catches fire with you. The word proficient comes to mind. Corey Stevens put on a good show, it was never embarassing or cringe worthy, it just never got out of 2nd gear for me. He played his regional hits ( Blue Drops Of Rain, It's Over) and they satisfied the masses, but as far as going to another level...It didnt happen.

Kenny Wayne was more of the same. He seemed much more interesting when he played songs that were by other artists ( Hendrix etc). His original material was ok when he soloed, but his lead singer was very mannered and looked confused as to where his spot was in the band. He would sing in the wrong places and acted like a dufus.

I ended up leaving early after I had had enough. Not the worst concert I have been to, the tickets were cheap and my Mountain Dew only cost $2..not a total loss! :-)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Music Music Music!

I will be quite the music critic in the next couple of months. My live music dance card is booked quite nicely and I am excited to see some good shows. Let's examine what your pal has on tap, shall we?


Kenny Wayne Sheppard w/ Corey Stevens. 10/3. "I have seen him once before when he was a wee lad opening up for Peter Frampton (1994 to be concise on my dates). He is now a little older and still is a great artist to watch. Should be a great night of blues and better yet, its right down the street from me".

Metallica W/ Lamb of God 10/13. "My first Metallica show. I am excited to check them out. Bought tickets about 6 months ago for this sold out show. Will be wild and loud. Funny how I really like these kind of shows now that I am considered an old dude! Hahahah!!! By who?"

KISS W/ Buckcherry 11/7 "I am so excited to see this show. Because KISS is my sons FAVORITE band. The tickets cost me a ton. But how can you lose when you have your boy by your side and watching him have his rock and roll mind blown by these guys!"

Steely Dan (Aja. Performance) 11/8 "Yes it will be quite the contrast from a night of KISS to see the no frills and yet great musicianship of Steely Dan. It will be a night of a complete performance of the classic DAN album AJA. I would have preferred they did a complete run through of my fave THE ROYAL SCAM but I had no choice in the matter. Still very tuned up for this!


Stay tuned for reviews!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogging from a phone! Very cool. Promise. won't make this a twitter like thing. YET.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best friend Jeff!

Did you know Jeff, that on your birthday in 1968 "The Archies" Saturday morning cartoon debuted on CBS? No wonder we became the first "Archies" tribute band on the west coast. Ahh yes...the quick rise to fame we had, and the even quicker crash that followed. ;-)

I hope you have a great birthday, I know its been a rough few weeks for you. I am so glad and lucky to have you as a lifelong pal.

Thank you and enjoy your special day.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

2 times the fun!

Yesterday, was a nice day for music purchasing for your trusty author. Two of my favorite bands released some new material for me to dig into.

1. Drive-By Truckers- The fine print. This is a collection of of "odds and sods" that didnt make other Trucker Cd's. Its a good barometer when your scraps are more entertaining than other peoples thought out and polished up work. My early fave from this collection is "George Jones Talkin Cell Phone Blues", which details the infamous GJ car acci where he smacked up his vehicle talking to his daughter on a big ol friggin late 80's version cell phone. As usual, great lyrics by Patterson Hood and Crew. Very worthy of a listen.

2. Black Crowes. Before the frost...until the freeze. 2 cds ( well one cd and a download of a 2nd cd) of a mixture of classic crowes rock music and what they have been leaning towards in recent years, a more rootsy country spaced out rock vibe. I like this latest road the band is taking. However, its not the black crowes that most people remember. ( geez they even made a stab at late 70's stones like disco with the song, I aint hidin and even that wasnt too bad!) Still, great music made by a band that seems to comfortable in its own skin. Check out last nights performance from Letterman.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Kiss CD 10-6

UPDATE. new single... view above.

My son is so excited for this. First new Kiss CD in 11 years. Supposed to be a throwback to the 70's Classic Kiss Sound. Its only going to be sold in Walmart and Sams Clubs. A 3 disc set. The studio album, a cd of rerecorded Kiss hits ( why do they do this? Journey did it with its last release and I think its a total waste of disc space) and a 3rd disc that is a Live DVD. For a reported $12. Not a bad deal. I will be hearing Disc 1 quite a bit , I am sure!

Brett Farve. A Viking

I will just say. It will be a interesting year in Viking land. Its a win-win situation for the team and for Mr. Farve. The team will get a player that knows the offense very well, and someone that will sell tickets and jerseys. Mr. Farve. He will have a team that has top shelf talent surrounding him and is just asking for him to run the "car" so to speak.

I am excited for the upcoming year, it will be fun to see how this plays out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My New Favorite TV Show

This is a show I know my Dad and I would have loved. Based on the true story of William Banks, its about a recovering addict that uses " Tough Love" and compassion to get fellow addicts sober.

I find this show to be very real and to the point about addiction and the many paths it follows. Rich, poor , loved and unloved. Every episode I have watched has touched me on a different level.

Tuesday nights on A&E 9PM

Friday, July 24, 2009

You know...I tried this for my wedding..and it didnt fly.

Serious....this is a way to start a wedding!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Paul Stanley is a tool.

My son as you all know loves KISS. Part of my great pleasure as a father is my ability to imitate all of the KISS members speaking voices and torment the poor lad. This great little clip ( Thanks Circle of Fits for the tip on this!) captures the stupidity of "The Star Child" along with some funny and to some ( not me) disturbing images! :-)


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gov't Mule @ The Zoo 7/15

Set 1

Zoo Jam


She Said, She Said->Tomorrow Never Knows Jam

Wandering Child

Larger Than Life->If 6 Was 9->Larger Than Life


No Need To Suffer

When Doves Cry->Beautifully Broken->When Doves Cry->Beautifully Broken

Set 2

I'll Be The One > Blue Sky Tease

Banks Of The Deep End

Trampled Underfoot

Fallen Down->The Other One Jam-

Drumz-> with Warren, Jorgen and Danny on percussionDrums->

Kind Of Bird

Thirty Days In The Hole /I Dont Need No Doctor


Into The Mystic->Soulshine Reprise

Another great night with Gov't Mule. A perfect night for a outdoor concert, 70 degrees and no bugs! The only thing that marred a otherwise perfect night, were some old people that wanted people to sit down,when 90% of the place was standing. Oh well...:-)

Highlights of the night : Great version of Led Zeps "Trampled Underfoot". The perfect mixture of Princes "When Doves Cry" into Mules own "Beautifully Broken". I have heard this mix before on recordings, but this is my first live one. Loved it! The middle section of "Larger Than Life" that morphed into Hendrix's "If 6 were 9", was to be the top of the nights mountain.

Lowlights- The traditional 10 minute drum solo is getting a little boring to me. Love drummer Matt Abts, but I just get a little distracted and unfocused during this part of the show. A very minor lowlight.

Another lowlight has nothing to do with the band, but concerts in general. Crazy elbow throwing bad dancers! Good lord, if I could ever go to a show where I dont get blasted by one of these goofballs, I would be shocked! Its like I have a dancing with the uncordinated stars magnet in my pocket!. Last night was the classic "frat boy with a beer in one hand and a crackberry in the other hand" running in place and elbows thrusting into my side. Lets just say I made him lose his beer by the 2nd song. :-) ( he didnt have a ticket for the seat next to by the time he went to get another seat! hahaha!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Best Friend Remembers Me.

From my best pal in the world Jeff

Jeff wrote a great childhood memory of my birthday. I thought I would share it here!

"My bestest life-long buddy has a birthday this month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my pal Mike!!
When we were kids, we had wagon races. We all had the little red wagons (the ones that NO kids have now!), not the ones with the wood sides or the big wheels!

Ours were all metal! least I was...into the races at Clovis Speedway because a guy by the name of Bob Cetti lived behind me and had a race car. So the gang in the neighborhood all became racers too. We had drivers and pushers (the unlucky kids that got to push the wagons with the drivers in them) and one kid who rode a scooter. It all progressed into converting big wheels into race vehicles, then bikes, then eventually into real cars...but this story is about the wagons and a hot July day.

(Mike, if I forget or leave out something PLEASE feel free to add it! Ye Ol Gopper's memory aint what it used to be!)

It was the early 70's, a time of endless hot summer days for the gang in our hood! We lived on plumbs from the tree in my backyard, bing cherries from the tree next door, and kool-aid from everybodys house! The world revolved around us as we would wake up in the morning and not return home until it was dark, unless we got hungry. Our mothers didn't worry because we lived in a safe world back then. If a parent wanted their kid, all they had to do was go outside and yell his name. It would start a chain reaction of someone else yelling that name until that kid was told by another kid (because the first kid never heard his own parent calling) that mom or dad was calling. We would swim in our pool, play frisbee, or "the game your dad taught you". But for a few early summers, we would race. Race our wagons. We had all painted our wagons with our favorite drivers numbers on them. Mine was 74, Mikes was 37, I don't remember what Yez had but I do remember the fun we had.

So this summer day, Yez, John Webber and his sister Lisa, Randy Hanna and a couple of other kids decided we would give Mike a surprise birthday. Lisa made a cake and we set up for the great race celebrating Mikes birthday, on Yez's driveway. Now Yez had a bigger than average driveway because of the garage being converted into a bed room. Where the garage door should have been was a brick wall about three feet high then a window. So his driveway/race track was more like a road course instead of the round track. So as time came to start the race, Mike had no clue that it was "fixed". Up to this point, he had never won a race I believe. Lisa was the flag girl (multi-talented! I wonder what ever happened to her?) and she dropped the checker flag(because that was the only flag we had, it served as the start flag, caution flag, red flag, white get the idea!) and the great race was on!

I lead the race for a while, driving my usual safe way while cutting off Mike every chance I got! When we got to the point of the "fix" Mike zoomed past me into the lead! Now it was a battle for 2nd between Yez and I. Well...remember that brick wall? Yez got to know it reeeeeeeeaaaaaaal good!! And more than once! (Amazing he and I are STILL friends, after all the crappy things I did to him growing up!) Mike stretched his lead and as he came around turn four(ish), Lisa dropped the white flag! I could see the beads of sweat on his forehead! I floored it (which is very hard to do with no gas peddle!)! Mike entered turn one with Ol Gop-Man closing in! DOWN the back straight we came! Closer...CLOSER!! Mike could hear my engine straining...squeezing out every ounce of horse power it had! (ok, Randy was pushing me and he was pooping out) We entered the last turn, Mike tried to block, but I countered and shot to the outside, we were neck and neck heading to the finish! Mike could see Lisa, poised with the finish flag in the air, sunlight framing it like golden statue! His wagon bumped and rubbed mine as we shot towards the finish of this historic race! Wheels turning faster than they had ever turned before as the wind whipped thru our closely cropped hair (our dad's told us it us cooler this way), eyes wider than they had ever been, knuckles were white from gripping the steering so very tight! The flag dropped as we passed the finish line and as we stopped Mike quickly turned to look back at Lisa and heard the immortal and historic words from her virgin lips........"MIKE IS THE WINNER!!"

It all went into slow motion and Mike leaped into the air with joy! He had won! He had fought long and hard and come away with a victory! Nothing else mattered at this moment, for him or for us. For this second in time, the world was a perfect place. "

Now, being as good as we were, we were worried that Mike, in all his joy, would suffer some sort of heat stroke or heart attack, so we told him he needed to cool down. The best way WE knew to do that wasn't pouring water on him, or taking him inside to the nice air-conditioned house! No Sir! He needed to put on a blindfold, to cool his eyes then the rest of him would be just fine! 10 year olds logic! He believed it! So the blindfold went on, and Lisa ran home to get the cake and candles and matches! Now we had a new problem! NONE of us were allowed to play with matches so NONE of us knew how to light one! We figured it out and burned a few fingers along the way. When Mike asked why we were saying "ow!" we told him we were burning our feet or something. At last the candles were lit, and we told Mike he had cooled down enough to remove the blindfold. It probable looked like a scene from a Charlie Brown show, with a lopsided cake made by a 10 year old in her EZ bake oven and a bunch of kids yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" then singing, but for us, at least me, it will go down as one of the best memories I have.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mister Mike Young! My childhood friend, my adult friend, my blood brother, my pal! I am so happy we have been and will always be, best friends!

Thanks Jeff! I am so lucky to have a great friend like you for all these years.

More Hot Rod.

Friday, July 10, 2009

for my son

This is yet another promise that the "spaceman" Ace Frehley will actually release his long delayed CD. We shall see....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Mule

1. Broke Down On The Brazos 6:19

2. Steppin’ Lightly 7:10

3. Railroad Boy 5:03

4. Monday Mourning Meltdown 8:08

5. Gordon James 3:48

6. Any Open Window 4:45

7. Frozen Fear 5:48

8. Forever More 4:17

9. Inside Outside Woman Blues #3 9:04

10. Scenes From A Troubled Mind 7:23

11. World Wake Up 5:54

Originally slated for release on my b-day ( July 28Th). The lads have delayed the CD until Sept. something. A little bummed by the delay, but I will make do by seeing them next week ( July 15Th). Once again, I expect to have my musical buffet plate well filled by my favorite live band. No opening act, all Mule and its in a very funky place. The Minnesota Zoo! Now I know what you are thinking. What no wild bird show as the opener? Sad to say, its the only decent amphitheatre in the twin cites area. Its actually a great place to see the show, and the lions roar when the tunes are hitting the spot! :-)

As for the above CD. It was recorded down in Texas at Willie Nelsons studios. "Broke down on the brazo's" features a blazing guitar duel with ZZ Top Lead Beardtarist Billy Gibbons. The rest of the Cd is supposed to have a more southern rock feel than other mule releases. I hate to even put this stuff into a catagory. From the titles of the song, looks like some good deep stuff. Me likey!

Ps- My Brother and Sister in laws took in a Mule show a couple a nights ago. On top is a nice shot of drummer Matt Abts. Thanks!

Friday, July 03, 2009

wow...angry dancing.

Maaan, I have done some pretty nutty things when I have got mad. But nothing like Kevin B. Check out the angry dancing ( which is spoofed perfectly in the movie hot rod)..there is medication for this now my friend. :-)

babe, babe, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe!!!!!!!!

From my underground fave movie Hot Rod!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

As a fan of Michael Jackson since I was first into music, I am saddened to hear of his passing. The toll taken on his career and the the man himself has been severe. All of the allegations and lawsuits and bizarre behavior, blurred the image of the singer I remember.

I remember the Jackson 5, how they sang songs about love and dancing. How it made me want to sing along and explore soul and r/b music. It truly took me down the long road of music appreciation. I wanted to be Michael Jackson. I thought he was the most exciting performer I had ever seen.

Then came the solo career. He then became EVERYONES favorite. Still loved him...but as the years went by..It became evident that something was wrong. I bought every piece of music he released, and yet I had the strange feeling that he had drifted a long way away from those innocent Motown days.

I often equated latter day Michael Jackson to the sad story of Elvis. Trapped by his fame and retreating into his own world. Michael was quoted as saying he never felt at peace unless he was onstage. I think all of the plastic surgery and odd behavior was a result of this. He was never comfortable in his own skin. Very sad. I know the news will end up reporting that his death will be related to pain killers. Such a shame. 50 years old.

In the end. It will be the music and the influence on music he had that will be remembered. Its undeniable. However hard he tried to mess it up, the music will remain and will be appreciated.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Final Resting Place

Yesterday, I along with other loved ones were able to bury my fathers ashes in his hometown. I didnt feel the hurt or pain I thought I would. Yes, I cried and felt sadness and a sense of finality, but at the same time I felt a sense of happiness.

It felt very right to be able to bring him home. The place where he grew up, the place where all of his childhood memories and young adult memories were created. The town that he told my brother and I all of these great stories about his Dad and Mom and Brother. I liked that fact that he was going to be placed here, a place where we could come and pay our respects and have all of this "bruce" floating around it.

I can only speak for myself, but today I feel I can move forward and let go of Dad. Even though I know a place in my heart and a place on earth where I can find him.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Homecoming

Yes, the car is home. They did a great job putting humpty dumpty back together again. As good as new. No major transmission repairs, took it for a nice long drive and got reaquainted with my little car. All is forgiven, I will treat it right and not rudely smack into larger vehicles anymore!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Update on the car

Today was supposed to be the big day. The town was shutting down to see me drive my little car down main street all pristine and shiny. However, the parade has been cancelled.

When the technician decided to actually drive it over to service for a front end allignment, the check engine light came on and the tech noticed the transmission was slipping a little. OUCH.

Guess I will be waiting.......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day: Dad

Its been around 6 weeks since my Dad passed away. I miss him and yet it still hasnt really hit me that he is really gone. The weeks would go by sometimes when he was alive and we would not talk. Only because we were busy in our own worlds. However, I always had the knowlege that I could call him and we could catch up at any time. It sometimes feels like that, and I think the phone will ring and we will be all square. Its when I realize that it wont, that I start to feel sadness and tears.
We have made arangements to have Dad's cremains buried in his birthplace, along with his Father, Mother and Brother. I feel very glad that we will be able to "bring him home" and have a place to pay our respects as a family.
I feel when we do bury him, it will provide the closure that I need. I carry alot of things within me that are related to my father. If you look at the pics. That first one of me with the fish is something my Dad was very proud of. I was never the fisherman that my Dad was or my Brother is, but I would always go when the 3 of us could be together. I usually didnt catch much fish, but I knew and the other 2 wasnt about the fish, it was about the bonding together. This pic was shot by my Dad, he was so proud of me to catch a fish that was the big one on the boat! :-) The bottom pic is of us with our cameras. Yeah, I was a little bit younger....but certainly a chip off the old block. We both loved snapping pics and did up until the very end. I keep that love alive.
Love ya Dad....Still feel your love daily.

Fit Car. Not Go.

"Oh my, the humanity of it all!!!!!"

No, it isnt quite the tragedy on the proportion of the Hindenburgh and yet it was a sad day for my little white car.

First of all I am fine. Not a scratch on me, but as you can see ...the car took most of the damage.

2 weeks ago, I was taking a nice little drive , just enjoying the scenery in a town I had never been in ( yes, I like to explore the unknown) and just taking in the fresh air and sites. As I drove down the main street of this town, traffic came to a screeching halt. I slammed on my brakes and slid into a big truck. I was paying attention and not tailgating. But.....I ended up getting a ticket for "innattentive driving". Will have to make a court appearance. Geez, first ticket and car accident I have had in close to 25 years. Hopefully the judge will take that into consideration.

Pretty interesting that all this damage was caused going about 15 mph. Of course sliding into a stationary truck right into his trailer hitch ( ummmm I am a little low to the ground!) will do that to a car that has a large amount of plastic. The grand total of damage came to $8200. Ouch.... Thank you insurance!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gov't Mule

Coming to town on the 13th of July ( Yes I am going!) and releasing a CD on my 29th birthday! ( true about the CD and the date...the other thing....hmmmmm) Here is a nice clip of one of my faves from the mule. Great lyric and of course great guitar work!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah

His most well known song. Beautiful and sad in many ways. Take the time and give it a listen.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

war pigs

Sabbath. In its prime. When Ozzy was scary :-)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Led Zep

As are most rock fans. I love me some Led Zep. This clip comes the remastered DVD " The Song Remains The Same" ( highly recommended...a very nice upgrade from the horrible VHS and early DVD version). Since I've been loving you shows "Pagey" at his best..and well the rest is just pure ZEP.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Jeff Buckley- Forget Her

I am currently into a Jeff Buckley phase. Wonderful singer with a muli-octive range. The guy could sing anything. Son of the late Tim Buckley, who had similar vocal range. Both died at young ages, Jeff of drowning at age 31 and Tim at age 25 of a herion overdose.

The song that I am posting is a B-side from Jeffs Grace CD. Love the lyric and of course the vocal.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Black Crowes. Only A Fool

Love this clip. The last gasp of Mr. Robinson beardless! Always liked this song, has the feel of a old soul song, and the lyric is in that tradition, full of pleading and emotion.

The Video is pure late 90's and the music is a different mix from the CD. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009 asked for it.

Well errrr, maybe you didnt...but here it is...bloated Gene hawking chemical flavored cherry soda!

Ace Commercial

I actually laugh at the P&L statement part! Arent you people happy that you visit this treasure trove of weird! :-)

These guys will sell anything!

As you have seen by his Ace Frehley getup. My son likes KISS. I have no doubt that you have seen the new Gene Simmons Dr. Pepper Cherry cola commercial. KISS is the king of selling its name on anything or everything. Of course I Neeeeeever Eveeeeeerrrr give my son a hard time about that ;-)

Here is another shameless shill attempt by our heroes!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A guitar and its player.

I love the song Little Wing by Hendrix, lyricly and musically it just climbs the scale for me emotionally. Passages of quiet beauty that blend into moments of pure aggression. Love the range of feelings it provides.

This is Stevie Ray Vaughans version. Even without the delivers. SRV loved can feel it in this performance. It captures the feel of the original and yet always lets you know its SRV and not a tribute act.

The video is a nice look at some of the past greats and some that are still around. See how many you can spot.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dad loved this.

Dad loved this version of the song, "I'll Remember You". At the 1:40 mark of the song, Elvis looks back with this satisfied smile that looks like " See I can still do it". It always made Dad laugh and of course he watched it at least 7 billion times! :-) The man loved what he loved!

So here is another chance to watch it....for the old man! :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Music for my Dad

I take comfort in music. This is for Dad.

Bruce Young 7/4/1937- 4/15/2009

This morning I received the news that my Dad passed away. I hesitate to write such personal news on a blog, but I know there are people in my life that read my usual junk here and do care about this.

My Dad and I had a great and yet hard earned relationship. For most of my life, we have been separated by many miles or by choices that he made. Those choices and those miles played a large part in how I grew up emotionally. My Mother gets all the credit for being my parent, because she was my parent. But, even though my Dad did very little parenting with me, he was my Dad. We spent hours and hours talking about music, movies and most importantly, the anger and hurt over the choices he made with drinking and other relationships. It was through these talks that we developed a bond that I know he held very special in his heart. He died with the knowlege that we didnt have a unspoken word left between us. That I loved him, forgave him, and carry his spirit inside me.

I was able to see him about 2 weeks ago. I knew he was ready to go. They had a very nice ceremony celebrating his life. Many nice things were said about him. He touched many lives through his career as a educator, and as a sponsor in AA. Those were things he was proud of. He accepted the praise in a way he always did, with grace. He knew he wasnt a angel, but he was a man that tried to do his best. That is what I take from him and try to live. One of the last things we laughed about in my final days with him was a comment he heard that he thought was a little over the top, I mentioned it to him after his celebration and he winked at me and said " I know they meant well, but you and your brother are my greatest joy and I will be with you forever". Its easy to feel emotions that can take away from all of the good, but at this moment, I feel peace. Peace for him, and peace for me.

I love you Dad. I am glad you felt it from me for my 44 years as your son.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Elvis- Before the Bloat and Jumpsuit era

I love this vintage of Elvis. When my Dad and I would talk about Elvis, we would always give the sneer to each other and say " If your lookin for came to the right place!" :-)

Monday, April 06, 2009


Love this clip. Norm Mcdonalds "Turd Ferguson" and Darrel Hammonds Sean Connery are hilarious!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stevie On The Street!

I remember watching this as a wee lad! For some reason this grabbed me a lot more than watching Mr. Hooper talk about produce!

Check out the guy playing guitar behind Stevie. That is a young Ray Parker Jr. pre Ghostbusters!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Steven / Ace Frehley

Today was Decade Day at Stevens school. Of course it was a perfect opportunity for him to dress up as a member of KISS!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marvin and Tammi- Aint No Mountain High Enough

More Tributes to Marvin!

I have always loved this song. I have posted this one before, but I just felt like slapping it up. The lyric is so positive and you can see the chemistry between them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Marvin

Funny how something written in 1970 can be relevant today. From my favorite Marvin ( and in my top 10 for all time favorite albums in general) album "Whats Goin On"

Inner City Blues ( directed by the Hughes Brothers)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Memory of Marvin

We are approaching 25 years since Marvin Gaye was killed by his father. Killed on April Fools day in 1984, I will always remember the fact that I thought it was a lame joke that a coworker pulled on me.

I always and have continued to love Marvins music. He was able to channel his dispair and turbulent life into something beautiful and full of meaning. It sometimes bothers me that when you bring up Marvin to most people, they just think of " Lets Get It On and Sexual Healing". Good songs, but there is so much more depth out there if you dig for it.

This video shows the various stages of his career along with a song called. " If I should die tonight" that has a lyric that always hit me. Having the love of someone that fills you so fully that even if you were to die too young or before you were ready, you would feel blessed to just have experienced that love.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

U2- No line on the horizon- 2009

I am one of those U2 fans that has most of the catalog but dont find myself really listening alot to U2 on a regular basis. I admit they are a great band and have some songs that move me. However, I do not grab for a song from U2 in a moment of sadness or happiness. That to me usually defines if a band is a favorite or not to me.

The exception in U2's catalog is the mid 80's CD "The Unforgettable Fire". I listen to that CD because its moody and atmosperic and hits a note with me when I am in one of those kinds of moods. There have been several U2 cds to follow since "fire", with different producers and sonic textures. It looks like they have finally decided to step back into my "zone" so to speak.

The new CD ( $3.99 on amazon!) is mostly midtempo rock . The exception is the single "sexy boots" which on the surface sounds kind of weak on the radio, but in this collection of songs , really clears the deck and a nice change of pace. As I mentioned above, I enjoy a more moody sound from this band. It delivers on this tone about 75% of the time. I especially like the song "Moment Of Surrender" and the line " Its not that I believe in believes in me". It just grabs me from beginning to end. Many of the lyrics are simplistic like this, but in the context of the song are powerfull and emotional. The Edge's guitar work is unique as always. A+ in my book, a CD I will find myself playing often.
Standout tracks.
Moment of Surrender
White as snow
Cedars Of Lebanon

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cheestastic 80's!

Ahhh yes, bad mustaches and leather pants. Welcome to the world we know as Hall and Oates.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Back Door Slam RIP.

Sorry to hear that one of my favorite young bands have parted ways. I have to admit, I am not shocked. After spending 2 nights in the front row watching Davey Knowles play guitar and sing, I just knew it was a matter of time before he became a solo artist. Very talented and hopefuly wont turn into John Mayer (yuck). Please just play the blues and dont aim for top 40.

Sorry John, just my opinion.

Friday, February 27, 2009

For all 0 of you that loved My Andy Samberg Post!

Happy Birthday!

Its my "Little Mans" 14th birthday. My nickname is now stale and outdated. He still is my boy, but he truly is starting to become a young man.

I love you! You bring so much to my life buddy!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Andy Samberg

As someone that thinks the movie HOT ROD (2007) is a underrated classic. I find Andy Samberg very funny. Here he spoofs Mark Wahlberg and some of his acting quirks. I enjoy Marky Mark...but you have to admit....there are some similarities in alot of his roles.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Walk Believer Walk!

In a time where I am searching for spiritual uplifting, my band The Black Crowes deliver for me. Well shot clip from france, captures them live and playing it dirty. Love it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I received rough news. My Dad now has a large brain tumor on the right side of his brain. I spent close to 2 weeks with him in early January in California , we spent some great days together. I am struggling at the moment with the news. However, I have placed this all in Gods hands. As my earthly father and heavenly father would like it. As my Dad says, "Its thy will and not my will".
I will write more about my trip when I feel the words come to me. I dont really feel it in me at the moment.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Black Crowes- First Ave 12/10/08

Some video shot pretty close to where I was standing a few weeks ago at the show.

Wounded Bird is the name of the song