Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am a man of passions. When I get into something, I dont ever just do it halfway....I want the whole enchilada! My latest spicy interest is photography. Its always been a interest of mine, but now that I have a real "big boy" camera I have upped the ante.

I took a class on digital SLR photography and learned that my trusty cheap tripod was a embarrassment to the photography world. With head hung low....I asked what would please the shutter gods....Photo #3 is what I came up with after a long search. A Manfrotto tripod with a joystick ball head. ( easy....all of you beavis and butthead fans!) Its a great versatile tripod that really gives me tons of options to take steady shots from any angle.

Pics 1 & 2 are of my new camera bag/backpack. Its the Tamrac Expedition 5 bag. If you look it up on way too much for what I would want to spend on a bag. But.....I used the patient route. Ebay. I found it for an astounding $80! Its a great bag and it even has straps to hold my tripod if I feel like getting all Ansel Adams and taking a stroll into the woods for some nature stuff! It holds all of the gear I could ever want and is very well constructed. I should have this bag for a long time.

And the final pic. My Guitar. I still am using it, it still is a work in progress. I plan on taking some more classes and making some more progress.

Its really like all hobbies. They exist so you can enjoy something that you know you probably wont make a living at, but still love doing it. I have many of these kind of things.....but at the moment, I am a geeeetar playing shutterbug!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Bday yeee ol Gopman!

Notice I didn't really use the word OLD. Hope you have a great birthday! Wish I was there to help bring it in!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Metallica: Death Magnetic

Picked up the digital download ( it should be!!!) of this new CD today. All I can say is WOW. Yes, its loud, fast and agressive. But isnt that what it should be???? This is by far the best Metallica in about 20 years. It rocks the little FIT CAR HARD!!!!

Here is a great video from the first single off the CD

The Day That Never Comes. ( its long...hang with it.)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Son Stars in: Mulan

He was a stoic soldier in this version of Mulan. I asked him later why he had a role with very little speaking but lots of scowling. He said " I wanted to look mean" :-) Gotta love it!