Sunday, April 30, 2006

Father and Son master arcade hook game!!!!!!!!!

Come on...admit it...there are times when you pass one of these machines and see something that looks worthy of a try!

My son sees something just about EVERY time we pass a hook game. So I usually watch him ( and give him sage advice) win something that is cool for about 10 minutes.

Yesterday.....that all changed! :-)

I saw this bear. It tugs at your author's heartstrings. Because I was a HUGE Oakland A's fan growing up as a wee little one in Fresno California.

I reached for my pocket. $3. did the math.....50 cents a try....daaaaang should have passed that higher math stuff....ummmm that makes 6 tries! first try....miss, second try won a horrible looking swan ( which was given away to a passer-by...had bigger fish to fry here!) 3rd try I had it hooked and it fell off ( did a angry fist pump on that one) 4th try....missed. 5th try....lifted up and fell off...right by the slot. sixth try....................................................


41 year old dancing! How sad!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Lunch break

Its time for another blog entry!

Here is a different angle for a post...for me at least....

Current things that are making happy!

1. the ability to go outside and absorb the sun into this somewhat pallid skin.
2. the smell of a barbq cooking and a baseball game on the radio......
3. jumping on my bicycle and riding to the health club for a good workout!
4. Black crowes message board! Lots of nice people that like to share great music over there!
5. Hearing from friends that I havent heard from in ages.

Current things that make me unhappy..
1. gas prices ( sorry...I am not unique!)
2. feeling like I am stuck in a rut

Hey! At least the happy stuff is a longer list then the negative.......certain days the list can change one way or another...... as for the negative stuff...I cant control the gas prices....but I can do something about the rut!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a great Easter. !
(worlds shortest post EVER!)


Monday, April 10, 2006

Steven the bell ringer!

My boy has been chosen the last 2 Sundays ( at cash under the table stuff) to ring the bells at our old country church to greet the congegation.

The bells are heavy and require me to help. Its a very nice moment for a parent to share this little gift with your child. We both had smiles as we rang them nice and loud and went waaaay past the required 12 rings! :-)

I didnt lapse into the Hunchback Of Notre Dame impression I was dying to do. ( just mumbled..."the belllllls....the belllllls" to myself)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Morning pulse check

Thank goodness I have some readers out there that give me the proverbial kick in the can to update this thing "we" call ......FROM REDLANDS TO MAPLEWOOD!

This morning I am heading over to my moms garage to clean out the crawl space that stores all sorts of mystery 'stuff'. My brother Dave and his wife Lori will be well as my sidekick Cherol. The plan is to weed out this stuff for a garage sale in the near future. Another sign that spring is almost here......The garage sale season!!! Hey single digit readers???? Are garage sales still something you stop at from time to time???? I don't hit em as much as I used to.....I will slow down if I see a cd or so....:-)

Ok....I got through a paragraph of lukewarm material....asked a bland question to the readers....what to write about now????

Baseball has started.....for the first time in ages....I am not into it. Its sad, but I think the steroid thing has really clouded my feelings about the sport. It used to be my love and passion, baseball was everything to me as a kid. I could recite to you baseball stats and history....just like I can blubber about music. When the Mcgwire/Sosa race for 60 was a nice story for baseball. Energized the fans after the strike fiasco. But now in was all juice related. I now watch the game like I watch slow pitch softball...just wait for the 17 homers a game... and yawn. (well when I am watching another team besides our banjo hitting Minnesota Twinks!) I really hope to recapture the love of the game. I am sure the tide will turn....true love doesn't usually flame out entirely! ( wow...the juices are starting to flow! Check out that illiteration!!!!) :-)

Time to hit the shower and get ready for the new day.....Still hitting the gym 5-6 times a week....have lost around 20 lbs or so.....still making progress!

Have a great weekend!

Thanks Gopman for the friendly push! I should give you a co-writers credit! :-)

I am including some shot from my fave team as a lad. The 70's Oakland A's!