Saturday, July 14, 2007

new goodies for my car

I have had the car for little over a month and I have added some little goodies via my trusty friend the internet!

Here is the list.....with some pics

1. new floor mats ( thanks Walmart)

2. Elvis TCB rearview mirror medalian ( check out the pic baby)

3. Honda Fit running board plates ( ebay! baby!) pic above

4. Window louvers ( $30! makes it look niiiiiiiiiiiiice) pic above

5. Decals ( temple of Vtech....and Add a nice touch! pic above

Still to come....

Bumper pad......( will uh protect the bumper!) :-)

Magnetic mount for my Sirius radio. ( $4 solution!)

Yeah....this has become my Mid life Crisis mobile. Only Mike can pick out a car that get 40 mpg and make it his tiny hot rod! :-)