Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mike Gets Called Out!

My phone rings on Sunday afternoon. Its my neighbor, who I don't know really well..but we are friends. He asks "what are you doing?" I reply, "Just watching some football" he answers " I am bored, you want to come over and play?" I chuckle nervously and he says " I have 4 guitars over here and was wondering if you want to come over and jam?" I really begin to laugh. I say "Dude, if you wanna jam with a guy that knows 3 cords and very badly at the moment...."
Long drawn out story...... I end out going over there...just to watch someone that knows a little about the guitar. He starts playing songs and givin me the nod to join in.....I would strum a cord...and give him the nod back. HILARIOUS! I think he got the hint... :-)
It was fun....nice guy....we had a fun time talking music and instruments......The jamming part will have to come later! :-)
I did slay him with my one song that I have learned. ( love me tender never sounded so good!)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Epiphone AJ-200SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Well, Mike has ditched the rock n roll ways and gone folky. Well...errrr sorta. I wasnt totally satisfied with my Samick, felt it was holding me back with the monster 3 chords I have learned. :-)
Truthfully. The Samick was not as well made as I originally thought and was starting to show it on a regular basis. Also, much of the music I want to learn how to play is acoustic based, so it was natural that I seek out a acoustic. But, I didnt want to commit to full John Denver mode just yet, so I bought a Acoustic-Electric hybrid. That means I can amplify my guitar, and yet not be as annoying as a full out electric.
The guitar has its own pickup on it like a regular electric and I can control the tone and volume on the top of the instrument. I also can shape the sound through my amp. It sounds really warm and I like it. I feel like I have the setup I have always wanted. ( now, I have to learn how to play!) :-)
Epiphone AJ-200SCE was priced at about $11 more than my other setup. Its very well made and looks nice. Not as mean and cool looking as the Sammy, but at my age....mean and cool are in the eye of the beholder. I think it will be much more entertaining to have me play a nice song on my "conservative" guitar, as opposed to a full out painful version of "Voodoo Chile" by Hendrix. I am respecting my audience! :-)
New Years will be here in about a hour. Here is wishing you the best in the upcoming year!