Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Alert The Neighbors!

Heaven help us all....Mike and his Son have instruments and only one of them really knows how to use em! :-)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Here is hoping that all of you have a wonderful christmas
Mike & Family

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have learned to play with a pick ( no thumb blisters!) and have learned my first song. " Love Me Tender. Granted, its not at a breakneck pace, and I hit clinkers...but it makes me smile to hit a few notes in a row! Enjoying the journey and not trying to get too frustrated too quick!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby Steps

Ok, this wont be a daily update kind of thing but thought I would share my progress. I bought a piece of software called "Teach yourself guitar" ( uh huh, I bought it just because of its very creative name!) and its a great way to start off learning.

I spent about 2 hours last night learning how to play my first notes and putting those notes into a couple of songs. The nice thing is that you get to play with a prerecorded track that you can slow down and speed up according to your skill level. Granted, I only learned on the high E string and played only about 3 frets, but still very fun to me.

I guess its all about just getting rolling and putting in the time. I think I am gonna like this!

Plus...I have a nice blister on my strumming thumb. Ahhhh progress!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The final choice!

Decided to ditch the starter pack in a box concept and just get a guitar that "spoke to me"! :-)

Its a Samick Torino TR1 . A much cheaper ( and yet not a crappy version) version of the Gibson SG. I have always loved the look of that guitar and was thrilled to find a decent priced one.

In the end. I spent about $25 more than the starter Laguna in a box. Got the same fun amp and had the sales guy throw in the other stuff that I would have got in the box. I spent tonight just fooling around with the amp and the tone. I really wish I would have done this about 20 years ago, but the moment is now and I aint gonna look back! :-) ( thanks no interest financing for giving me the excuse to get it early!)

I am happy with my choice, and that is all that matters at this point.

Ps- Look on the upper left top. Kinda looks like mine. Dont think I can leap like Pete or dream of playing like him....but still ....very fun to hit some power cords and enjoy the roof rattling power!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Early Favorite

I went over to Guitar Center today and talked to a very nice guy that thought this would be "killer" for a dude like me! :-) I let him show me what it could do and I was impressed. At the quality and the sound and price! Could be a keeper. Its a Laguna Electric guitar w/ a LINE 6 amp ( loved the amp...lets you play with all sorts of effects and also with a nice clean sound.) gig bag, strap,pics, tuner etc ....for about $350.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have been thinking!

Yes, this comes as a shock to many. But I have been thinking! Actually wondering. Wondering if it would be possible for a 40 something man to learn to play a instrument. One he has always wanted to play, and yet never took a step towards just doing it.

Being such a music minded person ( have you noticed, frustrated readers?) I have always loved to sing and dont have a horrible voice. But, its always bugged me that I havent ever learned to play music. There was a comical period in my life where I tried to play trumpet. I faked it for a couple of years,but never really learned anything other than how to look stlylish while clearing out my spit valve! :-) Ask my Mom or Dad about this nightmare! :-)

My main interest has always been to learn to play a guitar. I think it would be great to be able to accompany myself while I warbled out a song. I have got to the "doorstep" a couple of times and found something else to pursue. I have the itch again....and its strong. Watching my son learn piano and drums has got me wandering around guitar shops and asking questions! Do I play a accoustic or electric? Being a lefty...should I buy a left handed guitar ( they are much more expensive!) or learn to play righty ( like I have done with many things!).

Now my question for you readers is-----

1. ever played a instrument?

2. ever wished you played a instrument?

3. any advice about my choice of guitar and how much should I spend?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Toyota Disses my hometown!

FRESNO, California: Toyota Motor Corporation pulled an ad that likened this inland California city to an outdated pit stop after Senator Dianne Feinstein wrote the car company to complain.
The commercial depicted people driving the fuel-efficient Prius in an imagined future in which "gas stations will become nothing more than low-budget tourist stops. Like ghost towns ... or Fresno."

That slap got no mileage with Mayor Alan Autry, who asked Feinstein to intervene.
Unlike other, more famous, California cities, Fresno has grappled with a reputation of being a dangerous and boring city in the middle of the state's agricultural sector.
On Friday, Toyota officials recalled the spot produced for auto dealers in the Southeast U.S., and edited out any mention of the word Fresno.

Justice prevails!!!! :-)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The night after.

Here is a review that I posted over @ mulearmy.com

Even though I leaked the word that this was gonna happen. I was still floored by
the performance of "Houses of the holy". Audley had the Jimmy Page tone down
perfect and really added alot to the set. I loved "the rain song", the boys did
it proud and it made the hair on my arms stand up. "The Crunge" was impossibly
funky! and yes they did find "The confounded bridge!"So many highlights from
this set. You could tell that they had a great time playing this. Lots of smiles
from the band. The stage had signs on it with little logos of each members sign
( ala the zep zozo logos etc.) I hope they post some pics soon over at net,
cause it was cool.

The opening set was great also. Lots of dark tunes....and
played fierce!I enjoyed Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. They were dressed up
for the occasion. Grace had a nice 'Liger" leotard on...that was very flattering
;-) her drummer dressed like a lion tamer..w/ stuffed animals all over the kit.
Bass player was the "f@#$%^& toothfairy" and the lead guitarist was a "pimp
daddy". They had a nice mix of blues and rock that made the muleys around me dig

I dressed as a rasta mon. Met some very cool fellow muleys, and get this.
watched the entire second set with Grace P and her band right next to me. They
were lovin the Mule as much as the rest of us. A magical night. Get the Mule
Tracks of this one ASAP! A classic!

Pic of Grace is from the show a couple nights before.

Govt Mule- A Great Night

So much to write about...but it will have to wait.

Here is a setlist from what I saw tonight. Still stunned.

10.31.07 O'Shaughnessy Theatre - St. Paul, MN

Set 1:
Play With Fire
Time To Confess
Million Miles From Yesterday
Rocking Horse
Birth of The Mule
Larger Than Life
Fallen Down>Other One Jam
Blind Man In The Dark w/ Zeppelin Medely Tease Jam

The Holy Haunted House
Setw/ Audley Freed on Guitar
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song
Over The Hills and Far Away
The Crunge
Dancing Days>Drums
D'Yer Mak'er
No Quarter
The Ocean
Encore:Come On Into My Kitchen> w/ Audley Freed on Guitar
32/20 Blues w/ Come On Into My Kitchen Jam w/ Audley Freed on Guitar

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals opened. ( she watched the 2nd set of the show standing right next to me. Guess that rasta outfit is magical!) :-)

More later.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

RIP Bob Goulet

A little comedy from Will Ferrel. Love this.

A little Bob trivia. Elvis once shot out his TV watching Mr. Goulet . Bob knew how to wrech out the emotions!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This year I am wearing a costume for the first time in years. Yes, for the halloween show with Gov't Mule. I am donning the Rasta Man look ( ironic for mr. drug free!).

My son is pleased with his creation of a character called "Black and White". Its his favorite time of the year!

Sorry for the blurry photos.....but it captures the moment!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Dog and Leaves

Last night we had our first kinda cold night. The leaves are falling off the trees fast and the colors are very bright. Reggie and I went out to investigate and I took some pics!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


My fave band will be doing a special show. Playing Zeps Houses of the Holy in its entirety.

Cant wait.

Friday, October 19, 2007

due to popular demand- REALLY!

Here are a couple more CR Black crowes pics from the other night.
Going to see Drive By Truckers tonight @ First Ave. Sorry, no pics!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Most of you know what a dog lover I am. I find comfort in dogs that I dont always find in humans. Its the unconditional love thannng and giving that love back to some one that is always there. You get me in front of a book or a movie screen that has a story about a dog and I can guarantee you that I will be blubbering. So it can be said that I have a big soft spot for dogs.

That being said. It brings me to the latest meltdown of a celeb. Ellen. I heard audio clips of this all day today. I really felt sorry for her and could tell that she does care for animals. However, I also felt sorry for how out of touch she is. The impression I got after listening to debate and also watching this clip was one of privelege. She thinks she can bend rules, rules that are there for a reason because she is a celeb. ( a minor one in my book...never have liked her and her crappy dancing thing, but that is for another type of blog!). She has numerous cats around her home and has had several dogs that she has brought into this situation. If a dog doesnt adapt to her cats....its gone. In this case, the dog was a puppy and was given away in a two month period. Hardly a reasonable amount of time to train a dog. I have heard that this has happened on 9 different occasions...where she "saves" a dog and then just gives him away. There is a reason why these adoption agencies make you sign documents stating that they will take control of the dog if it is given to another home. To prevent things like this.

The reason for my ire is. I just finished a book called "Marley and Me". Its all about a dog that is nothing but trouble and destruction and yet makes a powerfull imapact on a family. The reason for the impact is....they never gave up on this dog.
Ellens heart is in the right place, but she does more harm then good when she does things like this. A dog or a cat isnt like a pair of shoes that you can change at a whim. Its a commitment that takes a lot of thought, patience, and understanding.

Her national blubbering just made me cringe. A staged "breakdown" for her own benefit. I hope if anything it brings awareness about the huge problem we have with overbreeding of dogs and cats by people that just want to experience the gift of backyard breeding. So many dogs and cats never find a home....and some do with nut jobs that think having 90 cats and 50 dogs are a humane place for a animal to live. Its very sad.

Black Crowes 10/16 State theatre

Enjoyed the show! Keeping it simple. Setlist and pics! I have some non music stuff to write about. Stay tuned.

Don't Do It

Sting Me

Twice As Hard

Jam -> Black Moon Creeping

Seeing Things

My Morning Song

Sometimes Salvation

Ballad In Urgency ->Wiser Time

Soul Singing ->Thorn In My Pride


encore -Boomer's Story

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nature, a camera ,and a empty park

We have a very nice park down the road from our house. Its a old park, that at one time was very popular. It has a lake that doesnt have much fish in it ( I have tried and cant find them!) a swimming beach that doesnt get used because the water is not always "chlorine clean" and large picnic areas that sit empty.

People have moved on to newer and more exciting places. I am guilty of it also.

But this morning I decided to stop by and take some pictures of the stunning fall leaves we have. I was the only one there as I snapped away at the natural beauty that surrounded me. Photography is so easy when you have such a easy subject.

Friday, October 05, 2007

A lost love

Its October. Halloween, changes of season, colored leaves and highschool football games. But what I used to think the most about October was baseball, playoffs and the fall classic- The World Series.

As a young lad, I would huddle in front of the TV on Saturday afternoons to catch a glimpse of my heroes. Back then there wasn't 24 hour sports channels and the Internet to bombard you with info. The newspaper, radio, the nightly news, and that one prime time game were the pulse you would have to take to get your info. I knew every player and could give you a scouting report on all of them. I LOVED BASEBALL! I played ball with my friends in the street and also played organized ball. I loved the fact that this was a team sport and yet it was a individual sport. I loved when I would walk up to the plate and look that pitcher in the eye and play the mental chess game that hitting is. Would he throw me a curve? Would he throw me the fastball that I hit the last time I faced him? It was exciting for me and I couldn't get enough of it. My room was full of pictures and I would play Strat-o-matic for hours ( a baseball board game). It was a source of entertainment for me for many years. Even when I had to switch allegiances and become a Twins fan ( when I moved from calif to minn) I was fortunate enough to see tons of games in the plastic dump ( the HHH metrodome...not a good baseball park!) and root my Twins on to World Series victories in 87 and 91. These were great times. I loved my baseball...I was still playing baseball ( no slow pitch softball for me!) into my 30s and still knew all of the professional players and could give you info ad nausim. Then it happened. The game changed and I did too.

One of the main things that changed was the fact that baseballs sacred history changed. The fact that Roger Maris record of 61 homeruns is now almost eclipsed yearly is saddening to me. The fact that it is known that most of these athletes that passed these records were on performance enhancing drugs at the time has tarnished what was the one thing Baseball had going for it. HISTORY. We all know about Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aarons record for homeruns a couple of months ago. I hate to admit that I sat there with no emotion as I saw him circle the bases. It seemed so empty to see this "machine" break the most hallowed of all baseball records. It just seems like the heart has been torn out of the game because of this tainting . Another thing is that today its hard to really latch onto a team and really become attached to it. Free agency has turned baseball rosters into a revolving door of players. Back in the day, you had players that spent 15 -20 years in the same uniform. Most players today play for a average of 4-5 teams in a long career. It just makes it different.

I still watch baseball. I still know most of the players. But its not the same. I feel more detached about it. I don't feel the passion for it like I used to. But every once in a while I see something that makes me miss it like I used to. Like a couple weeks ago, I saw a young mother and her son playing catch in the yard below me. I sat there and smiled. It was so simple and powerful. The game is still those things in its most simple form, but its hard to look past the other junk that tarnishes it. Maybe its what getting older brings and you see those kinds of things.

Baseball, thanks for all that you gave me over the years. I am still out there, a little more cynical...but still believe in ya!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

To Blog or Not To Blog

That is my question.

I need your help out there. Does this blog still seem interesting to you? Is it too slanted with my own musical stuff that I love? Would you rather I write more about day to day stuff?

Please let me know what kinds of things you like about this blog...and some things you would like to see.

I know its a blog that is created by me and for me. But.....I would like to make it more fun for the 3 people out there that read it.


Or else!

(or else, I will write more about govt mule!)

Leave a comment please.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Hot off the Gov't Mule presses.

10.31: THE HOLY HAUNTED HOUSEIn the spirit of the holiday, this year's Halloween show at the O'Shaughnessy Theatre in St. Paul, MN will be entitled GOV'T MULE'S HOLY HAUNTED HOUSE. The band will be joined by longtime friend and collaborator Audley Freed for this very special night of music.Tickets are available now through Ticketmaster.

Hmmmmm should be a great night!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, they have one under their belt....from all reviews it sounds like it delivers the goods. Check out the Pic and the setlist ( notice, no Sammy...all classic Dave era VH. Niiiiiiiiiice!)

The group's setlist was as follows:

01. You Really Got Me

02. I'm the One

03. Runnin' With the Devil

04. Romeo Delight

05. Somebody Get Me a Doctor

06. Beautiful Girls

07. Dance the Night Away

08. Atomic Punk

09. Everybody Wants Some

10. So This Is Love?

11. Mean Street

12. Pretty Woman

13. Drum Solo

14. Unchained

15. I'll Wait

16. And the Cradle Will Rock

17. Hot for Teacher

18. Little Dreamer

19. Little Guitars

20. Jamie's Cryin'

21. Ice Cream Man

22. Panama

23. Guitar Solo (incl. "Women in Love" intro, "Cathedral", "Eruption")

24. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love------------------------

25. 1984

26. Jump

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mikes Musical Calendar

Its a crazy couple of months of music coming up in the Twin Cities ( Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen etc...) full of concerts with high $$$$ ticket prices. While I would love to see the high $$ shows...I will save my $$ for the DVD. Instead, I have the luck of having a good friend that has some ties to a local promoter that gets him primo seats for el-cheapo ( no that is not my nickname!)

Anyone that has read this blog for any amount of time knows that "Mike likes the Black Crowes and he LOVES Gov't Mule!.

I have tickets for both shows in October.

Oct 16th Black Crowes @ The State Theatre. Its been 2 years since I saw them across the street @ The Orpheum. A lot has changed since that memorable night ( Still in my top 3 greatest shows list), original members have left ( Marc Ford and Ed Harsch) and new members have joined. They have a new CD ready to be released in the spring and have drifted from the Jam band that they were in 05, back to the straight rock and soul band from its glory days.

As much as I loved that show from a couple of years ago, I am very excited to see them again....from the 2nd row! I hope to get some good shots from the orchestra pit! Opener is a group called "Buffalo Killers", dont know much about em.....

Oct 31st Gov't Mule @ St. Kates

Great place to see a show....if you remember ( all 2 of you) my review from last year...I thought this place was almost TOOO nice and clean for this band! I am of course ready to have my mind blown again by these guys. You never know what you are gonna get set wise from them....but you DO know its gonna be great! Plus its Halloween! So.........could a night to remember! ( thanks Steven for letting your Dad celebrate Halloween!) I am in the 5th row for this one! Grace Potter and the Nocturnals open...another new artist to check out!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The little white armored car!

Ouch! The picture below is what I AVOIDED!!! On my way home last night...the radio blared that there was large diameter hail in the area. I cringed as immediately the sounds of chunks of ice hit the coveted FIT with thuds. I then smartly roared into a gas station that had a cover.... only to be greeted by 50 other cars that had the same idea! I got under a tree and rode it out....no dents...no troubles! :-)

Isn't this blog fascinating! ( I need some ideas for some topics!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

for doubters.

Eddie can still play eruption....
David Lee can still kiiiiiiiiiick ( Immmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 50!)
And still give me a little bit of a goosebump when they kick into "aint talkin bout love" at the end of this clip!

Fun little toy to play with on blogger

click in the link below ( might have to cut and paste..link isnt linking!) and get a slide show of all of the most current images that are being loaded onto all the many blogs around the world. Some strange stuff.....of course I have no control over what you may see! So no legal action towards your humble author! :-)


Monday, September 17, 2007

commercials the way they used to be!

Check out pre Wacko Jacko Michael J and his bros hawking cereal!!! Yes, I do remember asking my mom to buy me a box of it

Welcome back Ms. B!

I usually dont do requests....but I have a old visitor making her way back to blogland.

Enjoy Ms. B. The Cheese of KC! :-)

Friday, August 31, 2007

A week of music and pictures

The above picture is of the first concert of the week. Los Lobos @ the Minnesota Zoo. I enjoyed the concert in parts, some of the music moved me ( mostly the blues numbers) and the opening act "the lee boys" was full of energy. But there were some spots of the show that didn't really hold me. Still a fun night in the open air! C+

Derick Trucks

Warren Haynes

3 nights later was the show I was anxiously awaiting. The Allman Brothers Band w/ Robert Randolph. I am a big fan of The Allmans and love the current version of this band with Derrick Trucks and Warren Haynes on guitar. A light rain fell most of the day....I was hoping the music gods would smile on us !

Robert Randolph had a solid opening set, he truly showed why he is creating such a buzz with his unique style of guitar playing. Very unique sound and very upbeat. His songwriting needs to get a little better and get past just groove type music. Don't get me wrong, I love a good groove...but your mind has to follow too! :-)

The Allmans came out....and for 2.5 hours held my rapt attention. Gregg Allman sounded very good, even though he didn't sing as much as I would have liked to have heard. Warren and Derrick traded guitar duels that left me with a big smile! This is what guitar fans paid their $$$ for! A light mist fell throughout....it kinda added to the atmosphere.

Gregg, Warren and Otel ( bass player) came out for the first song of the encore. Gregg on acoustic and warren on lead, they played a stunning version of "Melissa". It was a moment I don't hardly ever experience in a live setting. The goosebump factor. Great stuff. Great show!

Even better, they recorded the show. Better than any dang T-shirt! A souvenir that I have played several times in the last few days!


UPDATED- SETLIST with links to lyrics

Done Somebody Wrong
Midnight Rider
Woman Across The River
Come and Go Blues
Every Hungry Woman
Who's Been Talking
The Same Thing
One Way Out
with Robert Randolph, pedal steel

Rev. Al Green Etta James

Last night: Etta James, Al Green, BB King ( sorry no pics of BB)

Wow. Etta James. She rolled out in a little rascal ( electric cart) and my first thought was, uh oh. I couldn't be more wrong. She got out of that chair and did about 1 hour of the most raunchy emotion filled music I have heard in a long time. This is a woman that has battled some very serious health issues in the last few months and it was great to see the love she has for performing. She looked weak...but sure as heck didn't perform like it. Powerful stuff.

After a short break, it was time for the man I have waited 20 years to see again. Al Green. Always one of my favorite singers and also notoriously a frustrating performer. If Al isn't feeling it...you will get a spotty show. Well, Rev. Al was feeling it, and so was I! Sadly, most of the crowd sat on its butt throughout, but I didn't. I danced and sang my way through the hour and change that he performed. This woman half my age behind me told me to sit down....I feigned a hearing problem! :-) I paid my $$$$ I was gonna enjoy this! I took a ton of pics and got up near the stage for a couple.....Great night of Al. The rest was gravy!

BB came out a little later. He is 81 years old now. Spends most of his show talking about his life...and throws in some music in between. But when he places Lucille in his hands ( the name of his guitar for those that don't know) the sound is one that you will never hear again. Powerful and strong. When he sings, same thing. You forget he is 81 and feel the shiver in your body. He closed with his classic, " The Thrill Is Gone". I love that song so much and it was a perfect capper to 4 hours of great music. Etta B+ Al A+ BB (what else....A B!)

A great week of music!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Big week for music coming up

As I noted in the previous post. I am seeing Los Lobos tonight, although I am looking forward to it....I am really excited about the 2 shows I am seeing this up coming week @ The Minnesota State Fair

Tuesday 8/28 The Allman Brothers Band-
How can I not be excited..2 of my fave guitar players on the planet on one stage ( warren haynes,derek trucks!)and then add in Gregg Allman....whew!

Thurs. 8/30 BB KING (the legend!), Al Green ( my fave!) and maybe Etta James ( she has been ill)
( check out this great recent Al clip. His music just moves me.)

Should be a memorable week....Allman Bros show will be recorded for purchase...yeah I will have one please! :-)

Los Lobos tonight 8/25

Tonight I am going to the Minnesota Zoo to see a great band. Los Lobos. Yeah...its weird to go see a band at the zoo,but its the only open air amp theatre in the Twin Cities. We need to do something about this! :-)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Marvin & Tammi

These 2 had chemistry. I love this song.. they don't write em like this anymore. ( yeah...I am a romantic!)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reggie Does it!

Wow what a day! I am so proud of my Dog ! As the above picture shows....we were flying around the course!

We took 2nd place out of 50 dogs in our first ever competition run in jumpers ( hurdles!)! I was in shock and also all smiles as we took a nice red ribbon home. But there was still was another run that I had signed up for . Tunnelers ( yep you guessed it....the dog goes through tunnels!)

We sat through 6 hours of cold and rain to get to our 2nd run of the day ( nice planning Mike, pick the first and last events of the day !) for tunnelers. I thought hurldles were a challenge....this was another story. The ground was mud and the turns required to get to the right tunnel, were very sharp.

Reggie and I aced it! We finished 1st place out of 50 again! I guess I know what it feels like to be a coach that watches his young player become a star! :-)

He did great!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Agility ! Nice Pic By My Son!

My young lad Steven took this nice pic last night at agility training. Reggie is just coming out of the chute ( the yellow thing behind him) and I am guiding him towards the jump ahead ( and gasping for air!).

We have our first formal competition this upcoming Sunday ( 8-19). Should be fun! I have a feeling he will do pretty well.

Today is Aug 16. 30 year anniv. of the death of the King. Where were you when you heard the news? I was getting ready for a camping trip with my best bud Jeff and I saw a neighbor come running out in tears crying " Elvis Presley has died!" Was a bit startling ....but gave me a idea how much he meant to so many. I later became a huge fan myself.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In honor of Diamond Dave back in the band!

Van Halen back together! I really hope they stay together with David Lee Roth...but the train is now on the track..and a wreck is always a possibilty!.

DAVID LEE ROTH 8/13/07 "We are stereophonic with a Hi-Fi additude!" ( gotta love dave!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Just what all of you have waited for....more car stuff!

Here is what I saved my birthday $$$ for ( one of the things!). A new hood deflector...makes it look meeeeeeeeean! ( for a car 2 people could lift!)

New seat cushion's....and seat belt sliders ( gotta really strap in when you are getting 40mpg!)

Rear Bumper Guard!!!!!

Decals!!! (Blurry!!) I have em on both sides...adds to the mean machine look!
I only have 3 things left on the car and I am done! I have a center console storage box on order...some sport gas and brake pedals on order.....and last but not least....a chrome exhaust tip ( $20) to get in the future!
As you can tell....I am really loving dressing up this car. Its been very reasonable...in fact the most expensive thing I have purchased is the hood deflector. I had to source that from Canada, since they don't make em for US versions for some reason. Thanks to web sites like http://www.fitfreak.net I am able to find most of this stuff at very reasonable prices!
So....do you think I am going through some mid life crisis??? If I am....I am sure enjoying it!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

check out this cool movie of the car I drive!

Yeah...this might be a bit modified....but it shows how fun it is to drive!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Randy Savage Interview

maaaaaan I miss the man who sold slim jims!!!! Dig it! Total gibberish for ya!

the bar kays son of shaft

this is very funny and funky at the same time....check out the dude that prince stole some of his stuff from..and the the guy that looks like a huge q-tip!

some pics of me and reg!

I am trying like mad to get some clear pics of Reggie and I doing agility......the egotistical thing to say would be "well...we are moving too quick for the human eye to catch". I think its more of a lighting issue.....but we do move really quick! :-)

How does this happen?????

I am still in shock that a bridge that I have traveled over hundreds of times collapsed all at once like this. I feel so bad for the people that lost lives, were hurt and also just had to go through this terrifying experience. There have been many blessings during this tragedy, the main one is.....


Saturday, July 14, 2007

new goodies for my car

I have had the car for little over a month and I have added some little goodies via my trusty friend the internet!

Here is the list.....with some pics

1. new floor mats ( thanks Walmart)

2. Elvis TCB rearview mirror medalian ( check out the pic baby)

3. Honda Fit running board plates ( ebay! baby!) pic above

4. Window louvers ( $30! makes it look niiiiiiiiiiiiice) pic above

5. Decals ( temple of Vtech....and Fitfreak.com) Add a nice touch! pic above

Still to come....

Bumper pad......( will uh protect the bumper!) :-)

Magnetic mount for my Sirius radio. ( $4 solution!)

Yeah....this has become my Mid life Crisis mobile. Only Mike can pick out a car that get 40 mpg and make it his tiny hot rod! :-)