Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gov't Mule 11/15/2008 Pantages Theatre

Another memorable night with the Mule. I have to admit, it wasnt as solid as the first night but still a great evening and no real complaints. When you see a band 2 nights in a row and they play for 3 hours each night, there are going to be a couple of moments that dont always give you the goose bump factor. It was only the last 2 songs ( like flies and blind man in the dark) where I was a little disconnected. I like the songs...just nothing really new added to them. The first set just picked up where the previous night left off. Streamline Woman and Lola gave us the taste of Zep that How Many More Years delivered in full. From there on...look at the jukebox of nasty that got played after that. Stevie, Sly,Traffic, Pearl Jam/Soundgarden and ending it off my fave....Al Greens Take Me To The River.

Set 2 closed off with Patterson Hood from another of my faves, The Drive By Truckers sitting in for a great guitar jam with Warren on Neil Youngs "Cortez The Killer". Great way to close the show.

I loved the two nights with the Mule very much. A musical buffet that left me full and wanting more ( man is that corny...)

Dec 10th is the Black Crowes @ First Ave. Looking forward to that, but will need time to recharge!

Click on the link below for pics from last night. From the Road: "11.15.2008 Pantages Theatre Minneapolis, MN

Set 1
Streamline Woman
Lola Leave Your Light On
Bad Little Doggie
How Many More Years Higher Ground Tease Far Away
Temporary Saint
Dance To The Music->
Hunger Strike->
Dear Mr. Fantasy->
Hunger Strike
Take Me To The River with Davy Knowles

Set 2
No Celebration
Trying Not To Fall
Helter Skelter->
Have A Cigar->
Fullt Blas->
Brighter Days
Like Flies
Blind Man In The Dark

Cortez The Killer with Patterson Hood"

Saturday, November 15, 2008

11-14 Pantages Theatre

The first night of two seeing my favorite band Gov't Mule.

This is the 3rd time I have seen them and I have to say it was the best show I have seen. A couple of reasons. (1) This was a "old school" G-Mule rock show. Loud, full of long solos, bluesy and funky. I was in heaven. (2) I was 5 feet away from the band. It is surreal to have Warren Haynes make eye contact with you and smile as you yell at him your pleasure of another monster solo. Truly memorable. Click the link below for some pics of the show. Also check out the setlist. I really wish there was a way I could get all of you a copy of the recorded show! Its off to the show again tonight. I really wonder how they are gonna top this. From the Road:

Set 1
Mr. Man
Brand New Angel
About To Rage
Monkey Hill
Devil Likes It Slow
Painted Silver Light
No Need To Suffer
Kind Of Bird

Set 2
The Shape I'm In
Fool's Moon
Eternity's Breath
St. Stephen Jam->
Peter Gunn Jam->
Goin' Out West

Have You Ever Loved A Woman with Davy Knowles
Gonna Send You Back To Georgia with Davy Knowles"

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Change. At a cost

Let me state one thing. I am not a very political type person. I dont ever remember sitting around the family table as a young man listening to passionate debates about what was going on in Washington. However, I do have a deep respect on our right to choose and the ability to cast your vote on election day.

With the Election coming up on Tuesday, this country has emotions
stirring on both sides. I would like to believe that these emotions are rooted in wanting a better life in the next 4 years. This morning I had that feeling shaken a little.

My wife went out to get our Sunday paper and noticed that our mailbox was bashed in. Also, the sign that showed support for presidential candidate of our households choice was gone. We live in a small town that in general has very low crime rates. But, somehow I knew that when I decided to take a yard sign for Obama , that it had a pretty good chance of being stolen. What bothers me is the message of a damaged mailbox. I know it can be replaced, and nobody was hurt, but it saddens me that people get this angry about the right to choose.

All I can say is, go vote on Tuesday. Its important. Its not about skin color, its not about party loyalty, and its not about the crap you are seeing on commercials. Its about supporting who YOU feel speaks to you. My mind is made up.