Wednesday, February 28, 2007


With a snowstorm on the horizon...I will be venturing off to a rock show. Tune in tomorrow for a review.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today its your birthday!

Its my sons birthday!

Like all parents, its a bittersweet day when your child has a birthday. You look at your child and see how much they have changed and matured, and also you are reminded how fast time passes by. You reflect on those early times when he or she was just a infant and they looked at you as the center of thier world. Witnessing first words,steps and other milestones. It all seems like yesterday as you look at your growing child.

This past weekend we took Steven and 5 of his friends to the Target Center to see the Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Washington Wizards. We were able to get his name on the scoreboard and get down on the floor and snag some autographs. For most of the kids it was the first professional basketball game they had ever been to. I know they had a good time ( and yeah...Dad had a blast) and Steven was all smiles.

My Son gives me a very different perspective on my world. He is a very kind and gentle soul, who never seems to be angry or cynical. I look at him and love him for his uniqueness, and want to protect that in him. But I know that I have to let him take his own path and experience the world. Its the challenge all parents face, to want to cushion and protect and yet let your child grow and experience hardships so they are prepared for what "real" life will deal them.

Happy Birthday Steven!
Your Dad loves you more than anything and is so proud of you!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Godfather Of Soul, Mr. Dynamite, Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness!

I know James has been gone for almost 2 months ( and they still haven't buried him! You think Anna Nicolle Smith has a messed up final resting place battle!) but lately I have been really digging into his back catalog of music. Its amazing to explore the road he traveled musically and also what a impact he had on so many styles of music.

Funk, Soul, R&B, Rap/Hiphop would have been drastically different without his influence.

Its a shame that so many have the memory of him in his later years. His life was often turbulent and he had a ego the size of Texas......but his drive for perfection and success took him to heights that few have ever approached.

If you look to the right. I made comment about 2 songs that have really dug into me. If you can find them on I-Tunes or whatever look them up. It might surprise you how literate and biting the lyrics are in these songs.

James was always about the groove first, but the man truly could sing and the showmanship has influenced Prince and Michael (when he was cool) greatly, and they both acknowledge it.

Friday, February 16, 2007


A loyal reader ( sometimes) of mine tagged me with a interesting topic.


6 strange facts about me!
  1. I am left handed, but do many things right handed.
  2. I am my own worst critic and too hard on myself.
  3. Even though I am considered very talkative by many, I feel anti-social at times.
  4. I was born with a pointed head! ( this really should be #1)
  5. I am a hopeless romantic.
  6. Sometimes wish I was born in a different era.

I am sure I can think of some other weirdness!!!! But hey! Weird is all in the eye of the perciever! :-)

READERS! Share with me your weirdness! I wont include them in my Christmas letter. PROMISE!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Friday, February 09, 2007


I have tickets to see this band! I thought their debut CD was one of the best of 2006. A nice cross between early Zep/Black Sabbath and The White Stripes, these 3 Aussies know how to deliver it live. As you can tell by the pic....they are high energy and the guitarist does a pretty good "Pete" leap! :-)

One nice thing about seeing "young" bands like are cheap...and they usually play like they have something to prove. Should be a fun night.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Prince! Family Entertainer!!!!!

As a self professed Prince freak, it was a bit weird to see "The Artist"being chosen as entertainment for the Superbowl halftime show. I cringed at the thought of a "neutered" Prince brought out to play the obligitory "Purple Rain, Lets Go Crazy" thing, with perma smiled leotarded models flitting around. But what really disturbed me was the fact that he has become so safe that they would even consider him for this! You would never had seen the Prince of the 80's-late 90's EVER being on such a commercial show. (uhh...see pic to the right.....DIRTY MIND 1980...his best in my opinion)

That being said. Yes my nightmare of hits came true, as did the spandex dancers....but. I thought it was cool to see him out there, in the pouring rain...letting his guitar rip. I was amazed the little feller didnt get electrocuted!!! :-) My wife commented "what is with that thing on his head ( he wore a lucy like do-rag) and that baby blue suit?" I could only comment " He is Prince, and he can get away with that!"

Prince still has "it", its just a little more mainstream.

Friday, February 02, 2007 warming

Wow....what a catchy title!!!

Well after all of this talk about HDTV and home theatre, I am sure you get the idea that I like to watch a movie or two. Between my Netflix 2 at a time program ( those of you that dont know of Netflix yet....check it out ) and the occasional traditional go to the theatre thing.....I see a fair amount of movies. Good and BAAAAAAD.

Here is a quick little list of some recent films that I liked.

1. Little Miss Sunshine- Quirky, funny, sad and about dysfuntional familes!!!! What else could you ask for!!!!

2. Dreamgirls- I like a musical once in a while. Even though I love to sing...I dont usually break out into song whenever something important occurs (maybe I shoud!) , so if you get past that little "weirdness" and get into the strong performances ( yep, Eddie Murphy will actually remind you that he is talented!!!) and the parallel between the Motown will love it!

3. The Illusionist- Interesting story about a ( yeah you guessed it!) and his love for a girl he loved in childhood that was royalty and was shunned from because he was of a lower class. The movie moves past that well worn plot and gives some surprises that make this movie a good one to catch. corner closed. The Superbowl.....Bears vs. Colts..... I am rooting for the Colts....only because I happen to like Tony Dungy as a coach and as a person. But, in reality.....I will be happy whoever wins.



And last but not least, its -3 degress here today.......GLOBAL WARMING IS A SHAM!!!!! Please, people around the world....use your spraycans and open a bigger hole over Minnesota!!!! I am beggin ya!!! :-)