Thursday, August 24, 2006

A pic of me on my Birthday....

Received this from my Dad today. Not the best pic of me.....but my eyes are open ( fastest lids in west!) and that is a feat in itself.

My first day alone ( my boss went on vacation for 2 days and I have to run the whole show solo) and I have survived very nicely. Like I should have ever doubted! :-)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blog rises from the ashes!!!!!!

Well I am am back! Well errrrr I have been back for a while but its taken me a while to sit down and craft "the magic" that is my facinating blog ( Insert Krusty the clown laugh here)

We had a great time in DC. We were fortunate enough to be able to visit both the Capitol and WhiteHouse. Not a easy thing in post 9/11 times. We contacted our Senator and his office was able to arrange tours for us. If you ever head out this a couple of months in advance. We also visited all of the Memorials ( Lincoln,Jefferson,WW2,Vietnam..etc) they all are very stunning and impressive. Every day was a full day, between hitting the Smithsonian and the above places. We used the Metro subway system to get around ( a new experience but kinda cool) town. I felt very east coastish as herded the fam onto the train and kept my head on a swivel to protect them from thugs!!!

I used my digital camera quite a bit....I only included 3 out of the 200 I kept..( gotta conserve web space for my nice blog provider! First shot is of the very helpfull groundskeeper at Mount Vernon. He was so happy and he keeps a nice green lawn for George Washingtons house. :-)
2nd shot is at Arrlington Cemetary. Its kinda arty....but its of the area where they have funerals for the buried. 3rd is of the Lincoln Memorial. You really cant get a bad picture of that sculpture. The weather there was brutal. It was always around 99 degrees ( one day was 102) and high humidity. We made the best of it and sweated like tourists!!!!! We were able to see everything and created some great memories. I loved this trip because my Son will always remember this. Amusement parks are fun, but a mouse with overpriced souveniers cant provide what DC did. History is impressive and it gives you such a sense of what the USA is about. Great trip.

I have now finished 1 week of training in my new job, and I love it. Very different from my Warehouse job. But that was the point wanst it!!!! I am just so happy that I found a way to get back on track to doing something that I like. I will keep my many ( thanks to the 3 that even leave responses!) readers posted on any new news regarding my job. :-)

Its a sunny day out....I better get out of the chair and enjoy it!

Till next blog!