Friday, June 30, 2006

Alice Cooper- Taste of Minnesota.UPDATED!!!!!

10:30 PM

The family just returned from a nice little concert in downtown St.Paul.


I have been promising Steven to take him to a real rock concert...when the right act hit town. The young lad loves theatrics and makeup ( yep,,,,he loves KISS) ....since KISS is on its 65 year "farewell" tour in Japan...I knew ALICE would be the perfect fit!

I was about 12 when I first started listening to was so cool to look at my son...with his Alice shirt and makeup (his idea! Really!) dancing along with his "old" man!

Lots of colorfull characters ( which of course gravitated towards Cherol!) to watch. Cherol did this for Steven and I ....I know this isnt her "cup of tea!"

Alice put on a great show!The straightjacket, the fake decapitation....and of course all of the classic hits! I was able to take some good pics ( love this new camera!)....which I will post a few for everyones enjoyment!!!


Saturday, June 24, 2006


Day 4 with the camera and I am taking pics that are waaaay past the quality that I am used to.

This photo is of a day lilly that I bought as a gift to my wife on mothers day. It bloomed this morning and I thought I better get a snap of it for good measure!

I purchased a Uv,polarizer and diffuser filters for the I am all set for accesories. With a busy summer planned and a couple of great sightseeing trips on the schedule....I cant wait to put this camera through the paces.

In other news. I just finshed a big yardwork project. Removed several bushes and stumps in our front yard. Added a new burning bush and some wood chips.....and pretty much cut back on the amount of foilage in the front. I am going for the minimalist look.....less is more! :-)

I love this time of the year, the colors and the activity makes me feel very good!

I have some other things going on in my life that could really make my world a little brighter. Hopefully in a few days I will be sharing that news! Dont want to jinx it....but....all of your prayers for my job thaaang could be answered. ( yeah I want to blab!)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The camera has returned!!!!

After some stops and starts....the digital camera is back! The process was irritating....I had to make numerous phone calls and be pesky....but. lets just say, after the dust has settled...I made out good in the deal!

I will write more later....the above pic was the first shot I took with the new setup!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

R.I.P. Billy Preston

Sad news in the music world. Billy Preston passed away at age 59 after a long battle with kidney failure.

One of the first Lps I bought was "the kids and me". He was a great keyboardist who played on many classic songs. Was called the 5th Beatle beacause of his work on the "let it be" album.

Oh yeah....he is responsible for the deep rumination "nothin from nothin leaves nuthin"

Chew on that for a while! :-)

back to old school!

Today the Fuji Finepix s-5100 is in a box heading back to Pittsbugh Pa. I should have a replacement back to me sometime next week.

We were like two ships that passed in the night.

I trust that "she" will return. ;-)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The camera has arrived. In typical Mike Young fashion.......issues have
occuured. The "deluxe bag" that was included ....was so tiny you couldnt fit a camera ( any size) if you tried. The usb port to connect the camera to the PC is cracked. I have solved the usb issue for now...( card reader should do the trick while I wait for a replacement) and the bag is being worked on also.

Ahhhhh at least the thing takes very nice pictures. I will trust in good customer service and enjoy the pics !!!!