Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Madonna -Confessions on the dancefloor. 2005

Mike Young. Alice Cooper lover.....RAWK guy....Black Crowes freak.....Madonna? Hey! It happens!

I am proud to admit that I have a soft and sensitive side to my music. In fact, a large amount of my music can be classified as R/B and dance music. Jackson's,O'jays,Spinners, Village People....errr maybe only one disc of the Village People is enough to satisfy my "inner macho man" cravings! :-)

Anyway. Madonna. This is a great new CD . Nothing more than a nonstop dance CD. If you are in your mid 30's to early 40's, you remember when Madonna was first on the scene as a club/dance artist. As the years went by, the image obscured the fact that she can make great dance music when she wants to. This CD is not just a trip back to her eighties sound, but also dips a bit back into that dreaded word. DISCO! But like it or not, disco had its pluses and she takes advantage of its strengths. All of the tracks blend into each other, like you are in a club and your are hearing the cd "mashed up" by a DJ.

There are no big deep statements on the CD, the sound is state of the art and will sound great on even the most crappy stereo system. Its a Cd that should be heard because of its simplicity and how it makes you just want to move your feet! Get it! Dance and forget your worries :-)


Lori said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Mike! Enjoy these wonderful holidays!

Michael said...

Of course the same to you Lori! Enjoy all of the great stuff that is Thanksgiving, Family...food....food...food :-)