Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A New Purchase

Ahh yes....The wonders of Ebay! After owning a "nice" digital camera for the last 3 years, I have decided to "upgrade"to the fuji finepix s-5100!

The upgrade is a modest one. *Caution Geek Technology Rant To Follow!!!!*

I went from a 3x optical zoom to a 10x optical zoom and moved from a 2 megapixel to a 4 megapixel. Also the camera is packed with features that will indulge my inner photo artiste tendencies! Also purchased a 1gb memory card for this camera with will enable me to hold around 900-1000 pics in the camera.

The best thing about this is....The price was extremely reasonable ( hence the thank you to ebay....and some savvy bidding from yours truly) and its a very nice fathers day/birthday gift from my wife.

We are going on a nice summer vacation later in July to Washington DC ( sorry loyal readers....no daily blog entrys from me to get you through your day) hahaha . I cant wait to fill this camera with great shots of the all the stunning landmarks .

In other news....caught a very good concert last week at first avenue ( yeah the place where the little purple guy from Minny did a movie). The headliner was a group called The Drive By Truckers. I was able (since it was a general admission concert) to push my way right up front and center and be about 3 feet from the lead singer/guitarist. Very fun!

Well I made it through a post! Didn't think I had much to write about.....but one never knows what one can accomplish if he tries !

( yeah I stole that from a fortune cookie!)


Bar Bar A said...

Sweet! Now we expect to see a lot more photos of you, Reggie and your family!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike:

Dad is drooling over this purchase!

I checked some sites that rate this camera and I can see you did your homework... Looks like a great setup!!! Proud of you! I know you will enjoy it tremendously.. Love, dad

peppergreen4 said...

Hey, I ate that fortune cookie. Does that mean I get the camera too?

JAX said...

I am so flippin jealous.

congrats though ;)

Mellissa said...

Your camera is amazing. Makes mine look like it needs to go back to the shop and grow up ;-)