Friday, June 30, 2006

Alice Cooper- Taste of Minnesota.UPDATED!!!!!

10:30 PM

The family just returned from a nice little concert in downtown St.Paul.


I have been promising Steven to take him to a real rock concert...when the right act hit town. The young lad loves theatrics and makeup ( yep,,,,he loves KISS) ....since KISS is on its 65 year "farewell" tour in Japan...I knew ALICE would be the perfect fit!

I was about 12 when I first started listening to was so cool to look at my son...with his Alice shirt and makeup (his idea! Really!) dancing along with his "old" man!

Lots of colorfull characters ( which of course gravitated towards Cherol!) to watch. Cherol did this for Steven and I ....I know this isnt her "cup of tea!"

Alice put on a great show!The straightjacket, the fake decapitation....and of course all of the classic hits! I was able to take some good pics ( love this new camera!)....which I will post a few for everyones enjoyment!!!



Bar said...

AWESOME!!!! I would have loved it! Great pics. I am so glad you guys had a good time. What were some of the songs he did?

gopman said...

4th of July...Still have the "big show" at my mom's house every year. Tonight is no exception. Yez will be there too, along with his clan. Between the two of us, that's about a dozen kids! Planning to watch "The Sandlot" before all the action starts. Always reminds me of our growing up years...only thing missing in that movie is Yez getting smacked in the head with a bat!
Happy 4th from Fresno all the way to Maplewood!
Gop(spending his 42nd 4th on Fedora)man