Monday, June 25, 2007

The White Stripes-Icky Thump

Tuesday the Cd came out for this band of 2. Jack and Meg White have created perhaps their best work to date.

Although I wouldn't call their music commercial or mainstream , it does have a sense of melody that most hard rock music today is sadly missing. What I love about this band is its sense of history ( delta blues,country,psychedelic) and its influences blend into a sound that totally unique and their own.

Early faves for me are

You don't know what love is ( you just do what your told)- A great lyric about settling into something safe and convincing yourself that its "love". Plus the guitar hook is great!

Icky Thump- great weird little song!!!!! Click below for great little weird video

The rest of the Cd is full of surprises, even a cover of a 1950's Patti Page song called "Conquest" That features a great guitar/trumpet duel! I mean, how many CD's of this era can feature stuff like that!!!!

Check out this CD....its a strong contender for my fave of the year!

Stay tuned, I have Memphis stories!!! And tacky pictures! :-0


August said...

Ahhh, I loves me some Jack White. It's not my typical type of music but I just love Jackie.

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the stories.

August said...

PS. I like your new template. Did you do it yourself?

Mike said...

Yes I did it myself! you like?


August said...

yes, you did a fabulous job, i must say.