Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nature, a camera ,and a empty park

We have a very nice park down the road from our house. Its a old park, that at one time was very popular. It has a lake that doesnt have much fish in it ( I have tried and cant find them!) a swimming beach that doesnt get used because the water is not always "chlorine clean" and large picnic areas that sit empty.

People have moved on to newer and more exciting places. I am guilty of it also.

But this morning I decided to stop by and take some pictures of the stunning fall leaves we have. I was the only one there as I snapped away at the natural beauty that surrounded me. Photography is so easy when you have such a easy subject.


Lori said... beautiful. I would definitely go there!

Our leaves haven't begun to change yet. I hope we don't miss out on the beauty this year, since we've been so dry as of late...

Anonymous said...

Nice pics Mike! You gotta love the fall colors but the B&W of the barn is striking. It was good to see you and the lovely Mrs. Mike and son yesterday. 2nd game was a blow out... 65-3. We were on the winning side, I was doing the "official" stat page and I didn't even pad the score. thanks for coming.. The young #22 was happy to see you and I enjoyed our chat too!

Mike said...

Wow! 65-3...without me there to root her on???? Guess Young #22 doesnt need my embarising banter! :-)

It was great seeing all of you..we are very lucky to have you as good friends!

Anonymous said...


August said...

ooh... those are great pictures. thanks for sharing!