Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mike Gets Called Out!

My phone rings on Sunday afternoon. Its my neighbor, who I don't know really well..but we are friends. He asks "what are you doing?" I reply, "Just watching some football" he answers " I am bored, you want to come over and play?" I chuckle nervously and he says " I have 4 guitars over here and was wondering if you want to come over and jam?" I really begin to laugh. I say "Dude, if you wanna jam with a guy that knows 3 cords and very badly at the moment...."
Long drawn out story...... I end out going over there...just to watch someone that knows a little about the guitar. He starts playing songs and givin me the nod to join in.....I would strum a cord...and give him the nod back. HILARIOUS! I think he got the hint... :-)
It was fun....nice guy....we had a fun time talking music and instruments......The jamming part will have to come later! :-)
I did slay him with my one song that I have learned. ( love me tender never sounded so good!)


Barbara said...

Don't forget, I get front row center seats to your first show!

Sounds like fun. Never hurts to have a friend to jam with!

Slone said...

Hmmmmm..."wanna come over and play?" played Love Me Tender for him did jya??? Hmmmm. I've heard about people that get cabin fever from being snowed in too long.....
My son came home from school yesterday with a guitar belonging to a friend of his. He has already picked up a song he can play. Maybe, if I up his allowance, he can clue me in!
Keep up the good work, The band has offers to play the 4th of July fireworks show in downtown Columbia and the grand opening at Tiny's House of Myseost!! (google it!)

August said...

I bet it was still fun though? It will inspire you to keep working on it too. My first "jam session" was similiar. LOL

Lori said...

Sounds fun, Mike. Glad you found a fellow 'jammer'.

Sorry I've been so absent lately...a tough week. Hope all is well in Minnesota!