Saturday, May 31, 2008

What The Hail!!!!!!

not my hands or anyone I know....but its in our area...
Its June ( almost!). Today we received hail the size of small planets. Once warming? Me thinks its a scam! :-)

In other weather related news. We just had our roof replaced about a week ago. The insurance company deemed it wind damage. With the insurance coverage and Uncle George Bush's mad $$$$... we were able to get it for "free". It was great timing. The estimate was 8k to replace it. Always nice to avoid a cost like that in these times of $4 gas etc.

Sorry for the spotty writing around here at "From Redlands To Maplewood". I havent forgot about you out there. Just havent taken the time to tickle to plastic things on the keyboard to fill you folks in on it.

( Hey Maggie....Working on that Dan Fogelberg song for ya!)

Till again


Lori said...

I'm with you on the lack of posting or commenting. Just not enough hours these days to do it all.

That's some hail. We've had our share of nasty weather. I'm ready for a break. Actually, I'm ready for it to be gone, period.

Hope you are doing well and are getting good news these days.


Lori said...

Oh yeah...

If you haven't found the mix wit website yet, go to my blog. It is so cool to look for all the different songs. But be prepared to spend hours listening, enjoying and reminiscing...