Sunday, November 08, 2009

KISS 11/7/09

What can you not say about KISS that hasnt already been said about them in the almost 40 years they have playing. Not much. Whatever you feel about them as a music group, you have to admit, they do know how to put on a show. Last night they did not disappoint.

Look at the face of my son as he watches the group do their thing

It was the usual mix of great 3 chord classics and tons of explosions and crowd participation. It's like going to Ringling Bros, without the scary clowns ( oops, Gene Simmons blood spitting fills that role). Paul Stanley is the ring leader, and keeps the sellout crowd ( 13k plus) engaged. It was a blast and it will be a great memory for me. To share the laughs and spectacle that is a KISS show is priceless.

Yes, I am aware of the people that freak out because 2 original members of the group no longer play and have been replaced. ( Peter Criss replaced by Eric Singer and Ace Frehley replaced by Tommy Thayer). The beef is that they kept wearing and using the same persona as the originals. I am a HUGE ACE fan and it didnt bother me in the least. The band sounded tight and the energy level was high. Of course our local "music" critic didnt get it and slammed the band for all sorts of things non musical. But critics have never mattered much to fans. I mean, check out what a fool I made of myself just to have some fun.

Its all about fun when it comes to KISS. Refreshing in fact. They make fun of them because of all the KISS Crap they sell ( KISS KASKETS..etc) But, I for one have to thank them for a fun night of Rock and Roll with my boy and his goofy dad!

Oh and here is a little shot of Paul Flying over us at the beginning of "Love Gun". Looks like fun ! hahaha!

Here is a link to the local "critic" that had his say

and my response.

Guilty Pleasure. Yes.
"Yes, its like going to the circus. But, still a hell of a lot of fun. Anyone looking for a deep meaning of life experience, is not heading … read more to a KISS show. The great thing about this show was the look on my 14 year old son. He LOVED IT! Saw a rock show with musicans ( yes they are not hendrix or moon) that know how to play to a crowd. Its all about showmanship with KISS. They have been getting crappy reviews like yours for their entire career. It doesnt matter to the fans. They love it. The band wont care either. Guilty pleasure yes. Bad show or a feeling of being ripped off?? Not at all".


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Glad you boys had fun. Your kid is lucky to have such a great dad.

Make-up suits you, you should wear it more often.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mike.... I bet Cherol was SO proud of you....
Looks like the two of shared a good bonding session!
Nice hairdo.....

Anonymous said...

Looks like you and Steven had a ball.......Can't be critical as I don't even remember KISS! I was too busy
raising you kids.... Steven will have some great memories with you... That's wonderful!

Lori said...

This is awesome! Looks like you two had a great time.

Rock on, Mikester!