Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bryan Adams. I must apologize.

Its funny, there was a time that I had a cassette tape that I made that had selected songs from Mr. Adams that I would put on and mildly enjoy.  That was around 1984 when I was in full on Michael Jackson/Prince funky mania.  I liked Bryan Adams but he was unfunky and kinda too 'corporate rock" for my young taste.  Then he put out that horrible "everything I do ( I do it for you) from that equally horrible Kev Costner Robin Hood movie. Every housewife and lonely heart bought a bakers dozen of that and at that exact point he lost me. Until now.

I ordered up his first 3 albums ( thats what they called them then) from the library. To my surprise, these are very good and consistant albums. Yes, a couple of the songs have too much cheesy 80's sax on em, but for the most part, they are your above average hook filled rock songs that stick in your head.

So big thumbs up Bry. I am diggin

Has a lot of great songs that used to be played on rock radio. "lonely nights" "dont look now" when you play this you will be surprised how many of these songs trigger a memory. Maybe its just me? hahahha
Lots of songs here. "Cuts Like a Knife" "This Time" Even the gooey "Straight From the Heart". ( dont tell anyone about that)
This was the Bry Mans thriller.  Almost every song on this album was a single and a hit. My personal fave is the Tina Turner duet " Its only love".  A smoker, even back when I was wearing purple and squealing like prince .


BeckEye said...

Never apologize for liking what you like. Unless you like, you know, Hitler or kiddie porn.

drewzepmeister said...

I admit to seeing Bryan Adams in concert during the Reckless Tour.