Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday Lunch break

Its time for another blog entry!

Here is a different angle for a post...for me at least....

Current things that are making happy!

1. the ability to go outside and absorb the sun into this somewhat pallid skin.
2. the smell of a barbq cooking and a baseball game on the radio......
3. jumping on my bicycle and riding to the health club for a good workout!
4. Black crowes message board! Lots of nice people that like to share great music over there!
5. Hearing from friends that I havent heard from in ages.

Current things that make me unhappy..
1. gas prices ( sorry...I am not unique!)
2. feeling like I am stuck in a rut

Hey! At least the happy stuff is a longer list then the negative.......certain days the list can change one way or another...... as for the negative stuff...I cant control the gas prices....but I can do something about the rut!


Mellissa said...


Love the happy stuff....can I come over for the BBQ??


Bar Bar A said...

It's great that your happy list is longest. This is a good reminder for me to focus on the simple goodness of my life rather than on the things I wish I have - but don't.

You're a good guy.