Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July!

I love the 4th of July. I have great memories of neighborhood gatherings for fireworks. Eating watermelon.....and picnics. Since I have moved out into my little corner of the world. A new tradition has grabbed the Youngs. The annual 4th of July Parade. Its full of firetrucks...candy and politicans! ( I like the first two MUCH better!).

The pics I included are of the "boat parade" on the lake at my brothers cabin.....we circled the lake in style with flags a wavin! ( thats my bro at the wheel...my mom to the back....my neph...and my son!) And the last 2 are of the fireworks we set off tonight ( july 3rd ) on the driveway....I am a BIG kid and I love to buy "a few" to set off!

I experimented with some slow shutter speeds and got some great firework shots! Did I say that I love this camera????? Yeah I did!


Bar said...

Great shots - that is some camera! looks like the celebration is already underway for you. Fireworks are illegal in MV but sometime we break the law and do some anyhow :)

Anonymous said...

Camera, Concert, Boat Parades, Holidays... just doesn't get any better... Keep it up, am enjoying your zest of living each moment to the fullest... Love ya, dad

gopman said...

4th of July...Still have the "big show" at my mom's house every year. Tonight is no exception. Yez will be there too, along with his clan. Between the two of us, that's about a dozen kids! Planning to watch "The Sandlot" before all the action starts. Always reminds me of our growing up years...only thing missing in that movie is Yez getting smacked in the head with a bat!
Happy 4th from Fresno all the way to Maplewood!
Gop(spending his 42nd 4th on Fedora)man

Michael said...

Great to hear from ya Gopman!

I was just telling the lad a few stories about our 4th of July fireworks fiesta! :-)

I remember Phil Webber having all sorts of funky fireworks! :-)

Say hi to yez for me!