Thursday, August 24, 2006

A pic of me on my Birthday....

Received this from my Dad today. Not the best pic of me.....but my eyes are open ( fastest lids in west!) and that is a feat in itself.

My first day alone ( my boss went on vacation for 2 days and I have to run the whole show solo) and I have survived very nicely. Like I should have ever doubted! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi..Lookin good for 42. Sorry, that I did not get to talk to you on your birthday. It sounds like you & your family had a great trip to D.C. We are getting excited about our trip to Italy on Sept 12th. It was nice seeing your mom when we were in Mn. I am sure that she is enjoying her trip to Alaska. Glad to hear that your job is working out for you. Keep in touch. Hugs..

Lori said...

Awww...Mikester! Very cute pic. And that picture in the background over your left shoulder...that looks just like something I would pick out for my walls. A very "TT" look, maybe?

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip to D.C. And I happen to love all the digi pics...keep them coming. I am so ready to get a computer and new camera at home...errrr. (This is turning into more of an email than a comment!)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey old man ;)

I'm back online. I am so out of touch with everyone.

I turned 32 yesterday.

Mellissa said...

Hi there -

What a looker!! I am sorry I missed your birthday.

Please allow me to say - "Happy Belated Birthday Mike"...