Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blog rises from the ashes!!!!!!

Well I am am back! Well errrrr I have been back for a while but its taken me a while to sit down and craft "the magic" that is my facinating blog ( Insert Krusty the clown laugh here)

We had a great time in DC. We were fortunate enough to be able to visit both the Capitol and WhiteHouse. Not a easy thing in post 9/11 times. We contacted our Senator and his office was able to arrange tours for us. If you ever head out this a couple of months in advance. We also visited all of the Memorials ( Lincoln,Jefferson,WW2,Vietnam..etc) they all are very stunning and impressive. Every day was a full day, between hitting the Smithsonian and the above places. We used the Metro subway system to get around ( a new experience but kinda cool) town. I felt very east coastish as herded the fam onto the train and kept my head on a swivel to protect them from thugs!!!

I used my digital camera quite a bit....I only included 3 out of the 200 I kept..( gotta conserve web space for my nice blog provider! First shot is of the very helpfull groundskeeper at Mount Vernon. He was so happy and he keeps a nice green lawn for George Washingtons house. :-)
2nd shot is at Arrlington Cemetary. Its kinda arty....but its of the area where they have funerals for the buried. 3rd is of the Lincoln Memorial. You really cant get a bad picture of that sculpture. The weather there was brutal. It was always around 99 degrees ( one day was 102) and high humidity. We made the best of it and sweated like tourists!!!!! We were able to see everything and created some great memories. I loved this trip because my Son will always remember this. Amusement parks are fun, but a mouse with overpriced souveniers cant provide what DC did. History is impressive and it gives you such a sense of what the USA is about. Great trip.

I have now finished 1 week of training in my new job, and I love it. Very different from my Warehouse job. But that was the point wanst it!!!! I am just so happy that I found a way to get back on track to doing something that I like. I will keep my many ( thanks to the 3 that even leave responses!) readers posted on any new news regarding my job. :-)

Its a sunny day out....I better get out of the chair and enjoy it!

Till next blog!


Bar said...

Mike, those photos are excellent - you really do have an eye for photography. I love the first one! Who's the good looking bloke in the 3rd pic? OH! That's you! Silly me.

I'm so happy for you that you had a great vacation AND that you like the new job! They are blessed to have you (I bet the guys in the warehouse miss thier DJ though!).

What do you think of Chris and Kate seperating?

gopman said...

WOW! those are some cool photos!
did you know they had a statue that looked just like you at Mt Vernon?
huh? oh...silly me!!
glad you had a good time, and glad your back!

Anonymous said...

Hey! The Gopman is checkin out the blog! Now there is something that makes my day !

Yeah...I thought that lawn ornament deserved a nice pic on the blog. Who would have thought ol' George would have such great taste in Italian Dwarf statues! :-)

Michael said...

uh that is me above.....I am not annonymous!!!!!!! I am Michael!


Anonymous said...

Never heard about the vacation...never heard about the "new" job...never heard much about anything anymore. This I find about as I'm trashing old emails and such....