Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Dads 25th Birthday

This past weekend my Dad celebrated his 25th AA "Birthday". Since 1982 he has daily battled and succeeded in defeating his addiction of alcohol. As anyone that has a addiction knows, even if you have succeeded for many years in your battle...you are always a addict.

What I am most proud of my Fathers "journey" is the fact he has not only stopped drinking, but has also gone through a deep amount of self "discovery". He has found out what makes him tick and why he decided he needed to drink. His AA group, his program, his belief in a higher power, and this knowledge of self, is what saved his life.

Today, my Dad helps others with his sobriety. He sponsors many new people to the program, and helps many others with his story. A once broken man is now a symbol of hope.

Life is journey. Not a destination.

Thanks for being you. Good and bad. I have learned lessons from both sides.

I love you.

Your son, Mike


BarBarA said...

What a moving tribute to your dad. I wish him a very happy AA birthday.

I especially love what you said about learning from both the good and the bad, you're a wise man Mike.

Anonymous said...

Thank God - Thank AA & Thank you!

The 12 Steps are the answer and the solution... Uncover - discover - discard... Love and forgiveness... Step 11 prayer and a daily working of the steps to stay in conscious contact...

I love you with all of my heart and always have and always will. dad

Ashley said...

Happy AA Brithday to your Father.

I really liked that.

You have a big heart.

Lori said...

It truly is the beginning of new things when someone emerges out of the fog and into a new life.

Congratulations, 'Dad' for turning that corner from darkness to light and kudos to you, Mike, for standing through it all and for the gift of hope and forgiveness.
Bless you both.