Thursday, October 26, 2006

Upcoming music heaven

Music plays a big role in my life. Most people that know me for a small amount of time, pick up on this part of my personality. Its one of the few things that I can honestly say picks me up and grabs me in whatever mood I am in.

Of course its easy to see what kind of frame of mind I am in by what kind of music I am listening to. I have always been a lyrics type of person, and am prone to liking a song that reflects what I am feeling. However, "Mr. Chemical Free" will often venture into music that is very drug influenced and really enjoy that for some reason. I guess its the closest I will ever get to being "messed up" so its ok if its done "by proxy"! I also will listen to music that was recorded many years before my birth and really feel connected to that. Nothing is always logical when it comes to music. I may like a song for what I was doing when I first heard it, or it might remind me of a person or it might just be a release for something that is bugging me....or it just might be fun and stupid!

So what has these last 2 paragraphs have to do with the title of this blog entry? Two of my favorite bands are coming to town in December, in fact they are going to be here within 2 days of each other.

Gov't Mule - December 6th

This is a band that is really on my radar this year. They began as a offshoot of the Allman Brothers. Warren Haynes is the lead guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter. He is extremely talented and very underrated as a singer. If you love soul music ( 1960's-70's), blues, jazz that wont put you asleep, and straight ahead rock, mixed into blender for a unpredictable 3 hour show.....these guys will grab you. I have always been a fan of guitar music and Mr. Haynes is one of the best. You will never see him in a list of the 10 most handsome men in the world. But, his lyrics and ability makes this guy one of the best. Most of his songs reflect broken love, triumph over adversity, and determination in something you believe in. I have 7th row seats for this show. I am very excited to see this concert. They are showing up at a time where I am totally into them, and ready to see them live! Plus.....they record all of their concerts and you can buy a copy online ! NICE!

The Who w/The Pretenders - December 8th -

The Who have long been my favorite band. The perfect combination of lyric and aggression. Seeing them brings out a lot of emotion. You cannot go to a Who concert and just sit there. I have seen them two times previous. 1982 ( row 2 left side) and 2002(row 12 left side). Both were in my top 10 of concerts I have attended.

This show will probably be my fave of all time. I can say this because.... I have 1st row seats!!! In front of my all time favorite guitarist, Pete Townshend!!!! To top this off, I will have my son Steven standing by my side! It will be his first real rock concert! Boy has he started off on the "top of the mountain'!!!! I am so excited to share this experience with him!

Counting the days!!!!!


BarBarA said...

I am not speaking to you out of sheer envy.

First Row Seats.
The Who.
The Pretenders.

you lucky dog!

BarBarA (aka Layla) said...

I decided to speak to you after all, but only because you told me about Govt. Mule - you are right, they rock. I didn't realize they were an offshoot off one of my all time fave bands - The A Bros.

You REALLY need to post more often to share musical insghts with your readers.

Have fun at both concerts!!! You dog!(I assume it's okay to call you that since we both knows dogs are one of the best animals ever created!!)

k said...

I agree with aka layla...I love Gov't Mule. You need to share more musical insights for the less educated music listeners such as myself. I like what I like but don't pay much more attention than that

Anonymous said...

I saw the Who in mid-October in Seattle. It was great.

I'm just starting to get into Govt. Mule...I heard some stuff off their new cd I really liked.

Snave said...

Govt. Mule is a band I need to check out. Thanks for the information!