Friday, April 06, 2007

New features, movie reviews, and old pics!

The above pics are of the 22 inch snow storm we recieved a couple of weeks ago. The creative measuring stick pic shows the 15 inches we recieved the first 6 hours of the storm.....and the other pic shows what my driveway looked like when I opened the garage door. ( I got to snow blow!!!! very fun !)

Blades of glory was very funny! Didnt let me down in the least! Check it out!

If you look to your will see a new feature! A video bar! The videos are random....but the artists are not....I have chosen the artists! Hit refresh and be entertained or repulsed!!! :-)



Layla (aka Barbara) said...


Lori said...

Did you get the snow this weekend also? A last kick in the pants from old man winter!

I don't remember an Easter Eve at 27 degrees, but hey....Happy Day anyway!

Slone said...

is it still snowing? Looks like it's the same as it was two weeks ago!!!!!!!!!