Monday, April 30, 2007

Mike The Painter

Ok, I am not that kind of painter, ( Remember this guy from PBS???? ) but I did have a semi fro back in the day.

This weekend the weather was great, and I had a opportunity to get some much needed house improvements done. ( Hey, I am not just the talented writer and very entertaining guy that lures you here for stunning entertainment!) please laugh at that last statement!

I was able to ( with the handy help of my Wife) paint our faded front door and finish the majority of our weathered deck.

Its funny how these little projects make me feel "valuable". I am not one of those guys that you will see constantly building stuff. I can hold my own when it comes to fixing the usual stuff....but you wont see me building a 5 room treehouse for the kids to roam in. ( geez I can only imagine the carnage that would result from my handiwork!). It makes me feel good to improve my house feel like king caveman and sit back and enjoy the result.

I just love this time of the year. I feel like the dark cloud of winter ( Have I told you that I dont like winter!) is finally gone, and the sun is shining again in my little part of the universe.

Ps. Dropped cable tv over the weekend. I am now a Dish Network guy. More HD channels and DVR ( digital recording! more commonly known as TIVO) and cheaper than my cable bill. Love it so far....will write more about it soon!

Pss......I promise Maggie that I will post more often ( I have been spotty lately in my posts) I dont want you to stoop to American Idol websites for your entertainment!

Psss- Gopman....Will Kyle Petty ever finish in the top 20???? comeon maaaan....I am actually watching NASCAR and kinda rooting for the guy for ya! It brutal when he never close to the pack! ( but I am sure you get enough of this from others!) . Also....Moss traded to the Pats for a 4th rounder!!! Told ya he would break your heart! :-)

Pssss- That is all!


Lori said...

Oh man....I LOVED Bob and his 'happy little trees"...honestly. I thought it was a great show and he made it look so easy.

I've been working like a mad woman..12-14 hour days. I'm a bit at my wits end and feeling out of sorts.

Glad to see you posting!


Slone said...

oh man...your killing me!!

4-29-07 The Aaron's 499 Talladega Superspeedway

1) 24 Jeff Gordon
2) 48 Jimmie Johnson
3) 2 Kurt Busch
4) 38 David Gilliland
5) 26 Jamie McMurray
18) 45 Kyle Petty

P.S. I think I still have my 1974 Strat-O-Matic in the closet

Top 20 baby!!

August Goddess said...

I visit, but not for the "exciting posts". I just come to rebuttal your mean statements. Dude, you aren't going to make my ego any smaller with your digs. Comprende? I remember that guy. He was so lame and he made me realize at a very young age, that I will never be a painter. Have a grand day Michaelangelo.