Thursday, August 16, 2007

Agility ! Nice Pic By My Son!

My young lad Steven took this nice pic last night at agility training. Reggie is just coming out of the chute ( the yellow thing behind him) and I am guiding him towards the jump ahead ( and gasping for air!).

We have our first formal competition this upcoming Sunday ( 8-19). Should be fun! I have a feeling he will do pretty well.

Today is Aug 16. 30 year anniv. of the death of the King. Where were you when you heard the news? I was getting ready for a camping trip with my best bud Jeff and I saw a neighbor come running out in tears crying " Elvis Presley has died!" Was a bit startling ....but gave me a idea how much he meant to so many. I later became a huge fan myself.


August said...

i dont' think i was born yet

Mike said... were 3 august!

August said...

oh my bad, i was never good at math. Regardless, I don't remember what I was doing. Probably being potty trained, I imagine.

Lori said...

I was at home - just getting ready to go into my sophmore year of high school. Wow...time flies.

Way to go, Mikester and Reg!