Friday, August 31, 2007

A week of music and pictures

The above picture is of the first concert of the week. Los Lobos @ the Minnesota Zoo. I enjoyed the concert in parts, some of the music moved me ( mostly the blues numbers) and the opening act "the lee boys" was full of energy. But there were some spots of the show that didn't really hold me. Still a fun night in the open air! C+

Derick Trucks

Warren Haynes

3 nights later was the show I was anxiously awaiting. The Allman Brothers Band w/ Robert Randolph. I am a big fan of The Allmans and love the current version of this band with Derrick Trucks and Warren Haynes on guitar. A light rain fell most of the day....I was hoping the music gods would smile on us !

Robert Randolph had a solid opening set, he truly showed why he is creating such a buzz with his unique style of guitar playing. Very unique sound and very upbeat. His songwriting needs to get a little better and get past just groove type music. Don't get me wrong, I love a good groove...but your mind has to follow too! :-)

The Allmans came out....and for 2.5 hours held my rapt attention. Gregg Allman sounded very good, even though he didn't sing as much as I would have liked to have heard. Warren and Derrick traded guitar duels that left me with a big smile! This is what guitar fans paid their $$$ for! A light mist fell kinda added to the atmosphere.

Gregg, Warren and Otel ( bass player) came out for the first song of the encore. Gregg on acoustic and warren on lead, they played a stunning version of "Melissa". It was a moment I don't hardly ever experience in a live setting. The goosebump factor. Great stuff. Great show!

Even better, they recorded the show. Better than any dang T-shirt! A souvenir that I have played several times in the last few days!


UPDATED- SETLIST with links to lyrics

Done Somebody Wrong
Midnight Rider
Woman Across The River
Come and Go Blues
Every Hungry Woman
Who's Been Talking
The Same Thing
One Way Out
with Robert Randolph, pedal steel

Rev. Al Green Etta James

Last night: Etta James, Al Green, BB King ( sorry no pics of BB)

Wow. Etta James. She rolled out in a little rascal ( electric cart) and my first thought was, uh oh. I couldn't be more wrong. She got out of that chair and did about 1 hour of the most raunchy emotion filled music I have heard in a long time. This is a woman that has battled some very serious health issues in the last few months and it was great to see the love she has for performing. She looked weak...but sure as heck didn't perform like it. Powerful stuff.

After a short break, it was time for the man I have waited 20 years to see again. Al Green. Always one of my favorite singers and also notoriously a frustrating performer. If Al isn't feeling will get a spotty show. Well, Rev. Al was feeling it, and so was I! Sadly, most of the crowd sat on its butt throughout, but I didn't. I danced and sang my way through the hour and change that he performed. This woman half my age behind me told me to sit down....I feigned a hearing problem! :-) I paid my $$$$ I was gonna enjoy this! I took a ton of pics and got up near the stage for a couple.....Great night of Al. The rest was gravy!

BB came out a little later. He is 81 years old now. Spends most of his show talking about his life...and throws in some music in between. But when he places Lucille in his hands ( the name of his guitar for those that don't know) the sound is one that you will never hear again. Powerful and strong. When he sings, same thing. You forget he is 81 and feel the shiver in your body. He closed with his classic, " The Thrill Is Gone". I love that song so much and it was a perfect capper to 4 hours of great music. Etta B+ Al A+ BB (what else....A B!)

A great week of music!


Anonymous said...

Glanced at the others Mike!!!! But this one read completely!!! You know how much I am an Etta and Al fan... BB I know is great intellectually but I haven't devoted the dedicated ear to him YET!!! But who knows, I am a "streaky" kind of guy and might get "hooked"... I sure wish I could have seen Al and Etta though and I am so glad you enjoyed all of it... Because I know HOW MUCH YOU GET OUT OF MUSIC.... Love, dad

Anonymous said...

Hi..Sounds like you had a great time at the concerts. Thank you so much for the anniversary card. We are going to France, Germany, & Prague, next May to celebrate 40 yrs. Ugh!! Where did the time go?!! We are both blessed with a great life & wonderful friends & family to help make it that way. It was nice seeing everyone in August. Talk soon..
Love ya..Aunt Mary

Wonder Boy said...

I too was anxious to see the Allman Brothers. I wish I had been in the rain with you. The sound at the show I attended was atrocious. Check this out if you want

Lori said...

Where are you? Time to post again!