Monday, September 24, 2007

Mikes Musical Calendar

Its a crazy couple of months of music coming up in the Twin Cities ( Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen etc...) full of concerts with high $$$$ ticket prices. While I would love to see the high $$ shows...I will save my $$ for the DVD. Instead, I have the luck of having a good friend that has some ties to a local promoter that gets him primo seats for el-cheapo ( no that is not my nickname!)

Anyone that has read this blog for any amount of time knows that "Mike likes the Black Crowes and he LOVES Gov't Mule!.

I have tickets for both shows in October.

Oct 16th Black Crowes @ The State Theatre. Its been 2 years since I saw them across the street @ The Orpheum. A lot has changed since that memorable night ( Still in my top 3 greatest shows list), original members have left ( Marc Ford and Ed Harsch) and new members have joined. They have a new CD ready to be released in the spring and have drifted from the Jam band that they were in 05, back to the straight rock and soul band from its glory days.

As much as I loved that show from a couple of years ago, I am very excited to see them again....from the 2nd row! I hope to get some good shots from the orchestra pit! Opener is a group called "Buffalo Killers", dont know much about em.....

Oct 31st Gov't Mule @ St. Kates

Great place to see a show....if you remember ( all 2 of you) my review from last year...I thought this place was almost TOOO nice and clean for this band! I am of course ready to have my mind blown again by these guys. You never know what you are gonna get set wise from them....but you DO know its gonna be great! Plus its Halloween! So.........could a night to remember! ( thanks Steven for letting your Dad celebrate Halloween!) I am in the 5th row for this one! Grace Potter and the Nocturnals open...another new artist to check out!


Lori said...

You have some fun adventures coming up - Rock Out!

As far as new topics, the skies the limit, Mikester. I have all kinds of things brewing, just no time to get them all down.

Hope all is well in Minnesota country.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I feel like crying. WHY can't I meet a guy with your taste in music? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!