Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have been thinking!

Yes, this comes as a shock to many. But I have been thinking! Actually wondering. Wondering if it would be possible for a 40 something man to learn to play a instrument. One he has always wanted to play, and yet never took a step towards just doing it.

Being such a music minded person ( have you noticed, frustrated readers?) I have always loved to sing and dont have a horrible voice. But, its always bugged me that I havent ever learned to play music. There was a comical period in my life where I tried to play trumpet. I faked it for a couple of years,but never really learned anything other than how to look stlylish while clearing out my spit valve! :-) Ask my Mom or Dad about this nightmare! :-)

My main interest has always been to learn to play a guitar. I think it would be great to be able to accompany myself while I warbled out a song. I have got to the "doorstep" a couple of times and found something else to pursue. I have the itch again....and its strong. Watching my son learn piano and drums has got me wandering around guitar shops and asking questions! Do I play a accoustic or electric? Being a lefty...should I buy a left handed guitar ( they are much more expensive!) or learn to play righty ( like I have done with many things!).

Now my question for you readers is-----

1. ever played a instrument?

2. ever wished you played a instrument?

3. any advice about my choice of guitar and how much should I spend?


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Mike, by a guitar and learn. I kick myself in the cute ass constantly for putting down the guitar years ago and "losing" all I knew. Just do it. DO IT!

Lori said...

I used to play the piano pretty decently. And then I grew up and away from it. Though I can remember songs from my youth, it's torture to try and learn something new.

When I was younger I wanted to play the harp so badly...but that never happened. Ironically, my daughter took harp lessons (from her own asking, and knowing nothing about my wishes at one time) and did beautifully. But after we moved to a one-horse locale, we lost her teacher due to the distance and she eventually gave it up, much to my dismay. But I digress...

I have no idea what kind of guitar you should get, but get something and LEARN. It is an interest you can carry with you the rest of your life and is very portable and lovely. No hesitations...go for it!