Thursday, November 01, 2007

The night after.

Here is a review that I posted over @

Even though I leaked the word that this was gonna happen. I was still floored by
the performance of "Houses of the holy". Audley had the Jimmy Page tone down
perfect and really added alot to the set. I loved "the rain song", the boys did
it proud and it made the hair on my arms stand up. "The Crunge" was impossibly
funky! and yes they did find "The confounded bridge!"So many highlights from
this set. You could tell that they had a great time playing this. Lots of smiles
from the band. The stage had signs on it with little logos of each members sign
( ala the zep zozo logos etc.) I hope they post some pics soon over at net,
cause it was cool.

The opening set was great also. Lots of dark tunes....and
played fierce!I enjoyed Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. They were dressed up
for the occasion. Grace had a nice 'Liger" leotard on...that was very flattering
;-) her drummer dressed like a lion tamer..w/ stuffed animals all over the kit.
Bass player was the "f@#$%^& toothfairy" and the lead guitarist was a "pimp
daddy". They had a nice mix of blues and rock that made the muleys around me dig

I dressed as a rasta mon. Met some very cool fellow muleys, and get this.
watched the entire second set with Grace P and her band right next to me. They
were lovin the Mule as much as the rest of us. A magical night. Get the Mule
Tracks of this one ASAP! A classic!

Pic of Grace is from the show a couple nights before.

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