Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby Steps

Ok, this wont be a daily update kind of thing but thought I would share my progress. I bought a piece of software called "Teach yourself guitar" ( uh huh, I bought it just because of its very creative name!) and its a great way to start off learning.

I spent about 2 hours last night learning how to play my first notes and putting those notes into a couple of songs. The nice thing is that you get to play with a prerecorded track that you can slow down and speed up according to your skill level. Granted, I only learned on the high E string and played only about 3 frets, but still very fun to me.

I guess its all about just getting rolling and putting in the time. I think I am gonna like this!

Plus...I have a nice blister on my strumming thumb. Ahhhh progress!


Lori said...

You're so cool!

Anonymous said...

Proud of you Mike!!!

I know you will enjoy the music as you do have the gift!!!

"Baby Steps" I like the concept...

Slone said...

"Plus...I have a nice blister on my strumming thumb"

SUCK IT UP! Rub some dirt on it and git back to work!!
Don't give me excuses...GIVE ME RESULTS!

Anonymous said...

we might be able to put your new found talents to work for background music at the graduation gala... Could open up a whole world of referrals for you!!!