Sunday, December 02, 2007

The final choice!

Decided to ditch the starter pack in a box concept and just get a guitar that "spoke to me"! :-)

Its a Samick Torino TR1 . A much cheaper ( and yet not a crappy version) version of the Gibson SG. I have always loved the look of that guitar and was thrilled to find a decent priced one.

In the end. I spent about $25 more than the starter Laguna in a box. Got the same fun amp and had the sales guy throw in the other stuff that I would have got in the box. I spent tonight just fooling around with the amp and the tone. I really wish I would have done this about 20 years ago, but the moment is now and I aint gonna look back! :-) ( thanks no interest financing for giving me the excuse to get it early!)

I am happy with my choice, and that is all that matters at this point.

Ps- Look on the upper left top. Kinda looks like mine. Dont think I can leap like Pete or dream of playing like him....but still ....very fun to hit some power cords and enjoy the roof rattling power!


Slone said...

DUDE! does this mean we're getting the band back together??? I know some killer cowboy songs, if you can learn to yodel!
Funny you should get this itch again, just in the past week, I've had the same itch, but am leaning more to the accoustic side. Haven't really looked into it but have wanted to learn a few cords. Looking forward to getting your first CD!! I know you can do this!

Mike said...

The band is getting back together. In fact, Ktel has appoached me to get us in the studio and rerecord the best of the Archies "The Metal Years". I am sure we will get some endorsements and the kids will dig us. But remember, its all about the music! Dont let what happened the last time happen again. We need to focus on the music and not the throngs on females that go crazy when we hit that first cord of "Sugar Sugar". :-)

In truth, I am really just gonna learn some Elvis songs at first. If I can get that under my belt...I will be a happy guy. I was really thinking of getting a acoustic, but was steered away by the people that know. They thought it would be more fun and easy to learn on a electric. ( the strings are closer to the neck..easier on the fingers).

You will get a advance copy of ANYTHING that is recording worthy!

Keep me posted !

Working on my slim whitman yodels.


Lori said...

aww..good for you! I thought the same thing...that your new guitar looked like the picture at the top of your blog.

Put me down for one of those CD's too, will ya??

Happy yodeling!

Slone's Mom said...

Brings back so many good memories. I still love to hear "Sugar Sugar".

Mike said...

Yes, those were good times! You parents were very kind to sit there and watch our inspired miming!


Slone's Mom said...

That wasn't kindness on our part, just pure love.