Friday, July 25, 2008

Back From Vacation.

We took a nice trip up north. Check out the nice sights. A interesting sign...a actual phone booth ( yeah we were about 5 miles from the US-Canadian border) and a great shot of a off the beaten track river fall. More shots to come.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!!!

Enjoyed our phone call tremendously and am so thrilled you had a chance to visit my old "stomping grounds". Many wonderful memories in the glorious Northern Woods of Minnesota!

So anxious to receive some of your pictures... Love you, dad

Slone said...

$3.79????????? must be nice! filled up the ol gop-moble this morning and paid $4.25! but didn't get a pizza!

so wish I could vacation this year, but wifey has no vac till next year and the gas...

would love to get an e-mail with some of those pics...(hint-hint!)

Lori said...

ha ha...funny sign! The lowest gas I've seen here is $3.60. Did you ever think that we'd see that and say, "Hey...look how cheap gas is here!"?

No vacation for us either, we'll both have to live vicariously through Mike. That's a lot of pressure, Mikester....start sending those pics!