Monday, July 14, 2008

Olympus E-510

A couple of weeks ago, I received a little money as a gift and was told to buy something nice. Since the money came from my Father, I thought I would get something that would be around for a long time. As a guy that loves to take a picture and spent some of his youth watching his Dad take pictures and develop them in a darkroom. ( yes, kiddies this was before digital). I knew a camera was the choice to make, not just any camera though..but a Digital SLR.

This camera does it all, it has the one thing in it that I HAD to have. A image stabilizer. The camera that I used for the last 3 years was and still is a good camera. It just was very prone to creating blurred and shaky photos. It drove me nuts! This camera is 10 mega pixels. my previous camera had 4. The clarity is dramatically better. Also, the ability to change lenses is something I have always wanted in a camera. This camera came with a 14-42 mm lens and a 40-150mm lens. Very versatile!

I also received 4 classes at the camera shop ( I bought from a dedicated camera shop and not one of those super mart type places) and know I will learn some new skills from them.

So its a new era of creativity for me. It makes it more cool knowing that a little bit of my dad is in the mix with this piece of equipment.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Mike:

This touched me very deeply!!! Thank you, Love dad

Photo Buffet said...

After both my parents passed away, my siblings and I received a bit of money. Like you, I used some of mine to buy a new camera and lenses. My dad would ask me often about my photography, and whenever I use it now, I think of him.

Lori said...

OK...I have to say....I'm jealous! I'm still using my 35mm, which I love but...the nice digitals are so wonderful. Once in awhile I use my daughter's but in three weeks they're both off to college. Sigh.

HOWEVER. I think that this is a wonderful thing to buy with the gift from your dad. And by using it, it's a gift that you can share back with him. How wonderful, wonderful for you both!