Sunday, November 02, 2008

Change. At a cost

Let me state one thing. I am not a very political type person. I dont ever remember sitting around the family table as a young man listening to passionate debates about what was going on in Washington. However, I do have a deep respect on our right to choose and the ability to cast your vote on election day.

With the Election coming up on Tuesday, this country has emotions
stirring on both sides. I would like to believe that these emotions are rooted in wanting a better life in the next 4 years. This morning I had that feeling shaken a little.

My wife went out to get our Sunday paper and noticed that our mailbox was bashed in. Also, the sign that showed support for presidential candidate of our households choice was gone. We live in a small town that in general has very low crime rates. But, somehow I knew that when I decided to take a yard sign for Obama , that it had a pretty good chance of being stolen. What bothers me is the message of a damaged mailbox. I know it can be replaced, and nobody was hurt, but it saddens me that people get this angry about the right to choose.

All I can say is, go vote on Tuesday. Its important. Its not about skin color, its not about party loyalty, and its not about the crap you are seeing on commercials. Its about supporting who YOU feel speaks to you. My mind is made up.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Unbelievable. I am saddened by this. I've been given the cold shoulder at work because of my choice to vote for him. Its gotten so bad I'm taking the next three days off just avoid it.

Karl K said...

Dang straight!

Stand up and be counted! Fear mongers thrive when we cower after they destroy. Fear mongers fade and become nothing when we stand up and point out their hopes for fear have empassioned us.

You are a Great Man, my friend. A truly great individual!

Mellissa said...

Although I voted in a different direction, I respect choices, right or wrong (LOL) it is the very foundation of our Freedom!!


Lori said...

Pure craziness. Though I also voted differently, I completely respect the decision of this country and support the new presidency. It sounds crazy, but I didn't know which direction I was going to go for a long time. It's time this country united, no matter where we all live or who we voted for.