Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Memory of Marvin

We are approaching 25 years since Marvin Gaye was killed by his father. Killed on April Fools day in 1984, I will always remember the fact that I thought it was a lame joke that a coworker pulled on me.

I always and have continued to love Marvins music. He was able to channel his dispair and turbulent life into something beautiful and full of meaning. It sometimes bothers me that when you bring up Marvin to most people, they just think of " Lets Get It On and Sexual Healing". Good songs, but there is so much more depth out there if you dig for it.

This video shows the various stages of his career along with a song called. " If I should die tonight" that has a lyric that always hit me. Having the love of someone that fills you so fully that even if you were to die too young or before you were ready, you would feel blessed to just have experienced that love.

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